Michael Miniatures

Michael miniatures and united empire miniatures owned by Mike Cramer

Our interests is to designing and producing model figures and busts for miniature painters all over the world.

The Michael Miniatures and united empire miniatures line of model figures and busts has grown extensively over the past few years. In 2012 we purchased over 20 master figures and busts from the polish company ademola22 and its owner roman rux.The figures and busts have been added to our united empire miniature line. New molds have been made and the new castings are done in our ultra detail yellow resin.The incredible sculpting work of roman rux and his team now shows better than ever in the new castings.The great miniature sculptor roman rux continues to produce "all new" figures for our united empire miniature line. Model painters all over the world have earned gold, silver and bronze awards painting busts and figures from our lines.Our figures and busts are known for their high quality and intricate detail of the uniforms and helmets depicted. Sculpted in miniature by some of the greatest miniature sculptors living in country's all over the world, including usa, britain, russia, poland, spain, new zealand and malta.

The line includes kings and queens, emperors and empresses along with their royal palace guards, in their finely detailed uniforms and helmets. The michael miniature and figures busts are based on rare paintings, uniforms and helmets in the cramer museum.

United empire miniatures:

Michael miniatures has purchased the assets of united empire miniatures. The sale includes the united empire miniatures brand name and over 90 sculpted historical masters. The united empire historical line includes kits sculpted by such legendary sculptors as; alan ball, augie rodriquez, derek holmes,gary higgins, jim payette, mike blank ,matt springer, shane terry and others. The purchase also includes some unreleased masters.
The united empire historical line of miniatures will be offered through our web-site http://www.Unitedempireminiatures.Com/ sister company of http://www.Michaelminiatures.Com/ web-site and through selected dealers in the u.S. And europe. All new sculpted historical kits will be added to the line in the future.

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