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Norsgard offers miniatures for both gamers and collectors of beautiful models. For many years I have been both a player and a collector of all kinds of miniatures. By creating Norsgard, I wanted to return to the times when many of us read the tales of the Vikings and finally transfer them to the world of miniatures.

Rules created for the game are meant to be fun and to create a balanced system that is easy to learn while allowing for a wide range of strategies and requiring thought, not just luck, to be victorious.

Although I wrote at the beginning that this is a one man's dream, without the support of friends - both old and new - making it reality would be extremely difficult. For the help that each and every one of them gave me, I want to thank them!

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Norsgard is a tabletop wargame set in the cold realm of Isbran - a land of ice and fire. The players in this game play out the skirmishes of small bands of warriors led into battle by heroes.

The devoted templars of the Order of the Ram fulfill an ancient oath and protect the lands from evil. On the mountain passes they fight alone against the barbarians of the Tribe of Mork, barbarians who long ago sold their souls to demons. From their towers the orcs of the Order of the Ram also keep a sharp eye for the Ice Elves and Wulfkins armies lurking just beyond the mountains.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Norsgard Games

Norsgard: Second Wave
Two new factions take the field for the Norsgard Skirmish game. The evil elves of Outregard and the fierce Egir Tribe of barbarians.
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
November 2015, Toruń, Poland, US
Norsgard Miniature Game
High fantasy skirmish gaming in the icy land of Isbran. Build and equip a band of warriors. Fight, level up, and conquer!
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
November 2014, Toruń, Poland, US

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