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We are Olde World Miniatures, a miniature and gaming company founded in 2012 by Maciej Fitrzyk and Kevin Cyrulik, two friends and co-workers.

Maciej has been involved in Gaming and Miniature Painting since middle school. More of a war gamer, he has spent years in the community painting figures both for himself and others, building terrain, entering competitions and has really been engrossed in the whole war gaming scene since the mid 1990's. Maciej has a Masters Degree in Military History and since he is the creator of the World in which you will play, you can often find little historical references throughout our fantasy world and its people.

Kevin has been involved in gaming (mostly RPG) since 2000. An avid Dungeons and Dragons fan (Hail to the Dragon Disciples out there!), he has been the constant push in this project to add as many RPG elements as possible to the game without adding an actual DM. Kevin has worked in small business management for 8 years now and has been the one during the course of this project who works with our vendors and suppliers, as well as working out all of the logistic involved in taking Olde World Miniatures from an idea to a full fledged gaming company.

Olde World Miniatures is the brainchild of three friends, Maciej Fitrzyk, Kevin Cyrulik, and Daniel Cardoso. The three of us have been avid war gamers and hobbyists since we were kids.

In 2012 we decided to start developing and producing our own 28mm fantasy miniatures we could use both for the RPG games we played as well as the table top ones. Soon after we made the decision to begin developing our own game, along with a game world. We wanted a game with both a strategy and battle aspect as well as a deep RPG, character building and development experience. So was born Carpathia and with it the world of Arasas.

By the middle of 2013 we were ready to go into production with our first few miniatures. Late summer we made the decision to try our luck with Kickstarter to help off set some of the initial production costs. Our modest Kickstarter reached its goal and we had enough funds to not only produce the first few figures, but do a few more on top of that.

In early 2014 we attended TempleCon 2014. It is one of the biggest table top gaming conventions in the North Eastern United States. Our miniatures were received with great enthusiasm at the event. That enthusiasm however was almost always followed up with the question of whether or not there was a game associated with the miniatures. If nothing else, TempleCon 2014 reinforced the notion that a game was the right move forward. And so following upon our return home, we made the decision to focus on developing the game and building the world around it.

It is now Spring of 2016 as I type this.We have taken Carpathia as far as we can. The rules are complete, we have over 40 figures in various stages of production and dozens more waiting to go into production. The game world is ready as are all the histories and fluff. We will be launching a Carpathia Kickstarter in the coming weeks with hopes of reaching our goal to be able to take Carpathia into full production.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Olde World Miniatures

Welcome to the Olde World...
This one is all about the Figures!! 28mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures with amazing quality and detail!
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
May 2016, Hartford, CT, US
Carpathia (Canceled)
Carpathia is a table-top skirmish game for two or more players set in a dark and unforgiving fantasy world. This is not a board game!
Setting: Fantasy
April 2016, Hartford, CT, US
Olde World Miniatures KickStarter
This project is to help raise money for our initial miniature releases and help support future releases as well as game development.
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
July 2013, Hartford, CT, US

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