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Olleys Armies was set up in october 2003 by Bob Olley and myself, Jackie. Bob does the sculpting and artwork, and I do the website, our moulds and castings are made by Pete Brown and most recently by Griffin Moulds.

Bob has been a freelance sculptor for 20 years and was a historical figurine painter before that. He first became interested in sculpting miniatures when he saw some of Citadel's fantasy miniatures. Back then green stuff was unknown to us, so Bob's first sculpts were in fimo, unfortunately they melted during the moulding process. Not a good start, but determination and a packet of newly discovered greenstuff won through.

Since then he's worked for many companies, including Reaper Miniatures, Games Workshop, and Ral Partha (list attached of companys and minis)or you can visit Link to Tony Mansfield's website where you'll find a complete history of my work with many photos
Then sometime around the end of 2002 we had the mad idea to do it for ourselves, I can't remember which of us had the idea and neither of us will own up now. Anyway, Bob started making the first minis and I bought a computer, learnt what a mouse was and how to write a website. We called our company Olleys Armies because it ryhmes quite well and we hoped Bob's name might be recognised by collectors, in October 2003 the website went online.

Olleys Armies is still only a part-time business for us, but despite the costs involved for moulds etc. and the limited time available due to Bob's other freelance design work, the number of miniatures continues to grow.

Lastly, the unexpected bonus of the Olleys Armies website is that after all the years that Bob has been sculpting, he now gets to hear directly from the people who collect his miniatures, so thanks to everyone who's got in touch.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Olleys Armies Miniatures

The Mighty Exo-Armoured Dwarves 28mm scale miniatures
10 Exo-Armoured Dwarf Miniatures for use in 28mm scale gaming/RPG. Hand sculpted by Bob Olley and full of old school character.
Setting: Sci-fi 28mm
October 2018, Bodmin, UK, GB
Olleys Armies Presents Armies Of The Scrunt Empire
Our project will create a variety of highly detailed metal miniatures for tabletop gaming, painting and collecting.
Setting: Fantasy 23mm
March 2015, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, UK, GB
Olleys Armies Dwarven Prussian Army Scrunt Miniatures
Finely detailed metal gaming miniatures by Bob Olley the creator of characterful SF Dwarfs aka Scrunts, produced in 28mm Heroic scale
Setting: Steampunk 28mm
August 2014, Somerset, UK, GB
Olleys Armies Steampunk & Victorian Scrunts aka Dwarfs
New Steam Punk and Victorian Civilian Scrunts aka SF Dwarfs, Wargaming Miniatures, Sculpted by Bob Olley in 28mm scale
Setting: Steampunk 28mm
November 2013, Taunton, UK, GB

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