We are in Switzerland, at 35 km from Geneva, on a montain called Jura in a town named Saint-Cergue in the state of Vaud.

Our team

Our team is basicaly composed by sculpteurs which are working in their home but under our instructions for the models. By sculpteurs actually we have Mr. Narin from Thailand, Mr. Sky from Hong-Kong and from FranceRémy Tremblay, Gael Goummon, Gautier Giroud, Paolo Fabianni, Ait Mohand Mehdi, Zak Valentin, Allan Carrasco . We are still be interested to have some other talents like sculptors, drawers or builders and kits painters. Do not hesitat to contact us.


All our production are limited run, the maximum will be 300 pieces and the minimum will be 25 pieces. When a model reach the quantity it will never been produce anymore.

As soon as we received the delivery from the caster, we open all the boxes and bags and check the quality, then we repacked again in the orginal packaging Predastore and we stock them. There is a quality control at the caster and our side when it reach us. In case that one piece will be missing, please check again the boxe before to contact us, it should be inside.

When you will place an order on our website, our automatic system will block the quantity wished, then we will send you and confirm order, as soon as we received your payment, it will take 48 hrs for your parcel to be left at the post office (this without official vacation, like Christmas, New-Year, Eastern and National Day) but you will be inform if there is any delay. Then by mail we will provide you parcel numbers and website to trace your order. All our parcels are covered by a travel insurance which will be for lost or stolen parcel only.

As soon as your received the parcel, please check that the outside boxe is in perfeckt shape, if it is heavy damage, our responsability could not be engage in case of broken pieces, this is the fault of the post office. Anyway, we could provide spare parts until stock last.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.
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New Miniatures from Predastore

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First set: 1 January 1970
Last update: 1 January 1970
Next update: ~ we dont know, really.

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It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Sets: 7585
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Progress: 83%
In 163 Companies

Miniatures of Predastore painted by varios studios

Чтобы посмотреть другие работы студии или подробно прочесть про конкретную - кликните по названию студии.
Эти работы показываются здесь благодаря тому, что эти студии ставят у себя в постах в социальных сетях подходящие хеш-теги. Это элементарно!

Most Viewed Miniatures of Predastore

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Oups - Predette. Set
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Jungle Predette. Set
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Austral Hunter
Austral Hunter. Set
Lord Snow Hunter
Lord Snow Hunter. Set
Last Kiss Goodbye
Last Kiss Goodbye. Set
Predette Ursula
Predette Ursula. Set
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Snow Hunter. Set
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Spitter Hunter. Set
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Ursula Predette. Set
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2 Blades Hunter. Set
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Running Hunter. Set

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