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Hi! My name is Heath Foley, and I’m the founder and lead artist at Red Panda Miniatures! We are a new company focused on providing the tabletop gaming community with high quality unique miniatures not often seen on the market. Our goal is to provide unique and fun miniatures for hobbyists, painters, and gamers alike. RPM’s plan is to launch series of different miniature lines, starting with Wander, our first line! These miniatures will be full of fun alternative hero characters comprised of interesting animal and fantasy class match-ups.

We are full of ideas for designs , so were hoping to go to Kickstarter in June 2016 to fund our initial 5 miniatures and then a few extra in the stretch goals. We’ll make sure to update our website regularly with more ideas for designs, sculpting updates, new concept art and an eventual narrative to help flesh out the colorful and interesting world these characters live in! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for character designs you would love to see, feel free to visit our Contact Us page and let us know what you think!

If your curious to what our plans are for the future, were going to keep updating and releasing new miniatures into our currently existing lines as long as we can. Beyond that, we are currently working on a fun and fantastic game to put these characters into. Its currently in the early development stages, but we already know that were on the right track by working with some really talented people from the tabletop industry.

And yes, we do love red pandas a little too much. Its hard not to! I mean, look at them! They’re freaking adorable! Look at this fuzzy adorable lump and try to not smile.

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Wander - by Red Panda Miniatures ©2016
Wander is a new line of miniatures set in a vibrant world that features anthropomorphized animals in fantasy classes!
Setting: Fantasy 35mm
June 2016, Atlanta, GA, US

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