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Red Republic Games, LLC is three friends in Austin, Texas who have come together to bring the world of Arena Rex to life. We love the stories of the underdog hero, the hard-boiled fighter for a cause, and the puissant but flawed martial champion. Characters with depth are the ones that drive stories, and make games fun.

All three of us are collectors, artists, and game enthusiasts. We want you to take from our products what you love, build upon it, and show us what you have wrought.

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Arena Rex

Arena Rex is an innovative tabletop skirmish game. The experience has been built from the ground up to be tactically deep, yet streamlined and accessible. A low model count combined with easily digestible rules make Arena Rex easy to pick up and play. Alternating activations, opposed die rolls, and out-of-turn reactions keep you engaged throughout the game. ​A dynamic round structure offers new gameplay and tactical opportunities unique to Arena Rex. Damage trees offer new levels of control within a flexible combat resolution system.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Red Republic Games

Arena Rex: Gladiator Combat in a Mythic Age
Gladiator miniatures and an arena skirmish game in a world where history, myth, and legend intersect.
Setting: Fantasy 35mm
March 2013, Austin, TX, US

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