Renaissance Miniatures

Maker of 28/32mm scale buildings, vehicles, ships and accessories. Kits are usually pre-painted, easy to assemble.

Renee and Steve Baker have considerable experience with "flexible manufacturing" - laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC milling, etc. Renee has experience with interior design and management and started a small business making custom dollhouses. Steve has been a gamer since Dungeons & Dragons was pronounced "Chainmail" and works in as a 3D graphics consultant in computer games, simulation and augmented reality.

Renaissance Miniatures was initially funded by our "Medieval Village" Kickstarter back in November 2012 and later boosted to a long-term viable business by our "East Asian Village" Kickstarter in May 2013 and our "Pirates" Kickstarter in mid-2014. Our "Castles & Siege Engines" project in March 2015 was a 'quicky' two week project. Our "Victorian/SteamPunk" project launched in October 2015.

We have two state-of-the-art Lasersaur laser cutters which allow us to make all of our product in-house in Manor, Texas. We are actively investigating 3D printing and CNC milling technologies for the production of terrain and accessories for the gamer market and run Renaissance Innovations, which investigates other business opportunities in gaming and graphics software consultancy.

BlackHat Miniatures have licensed Renaissance Miniatures East Asian series models in 08.2017

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First set: 1 January 1970
Last update: 1 January 1970
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Crowd Funding Projects from Renaissance Miniatures

Viking/Anglo-Saxon terrain for 28mm gamers
28mm Viking ships & longhouses - an AngloSaxon village with a full Motte & Bailey castle - Cog ships - a ruined abbey! Lots to love!
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
March 2018, Leander, TX, US
Victorian/SteamPunk Terrain & Road/River Tiles in 28mm
From Slums to Gentleman's clubs, roads, railways and Steampunk vehicles - everything you need for an atmospheric Victorian Cityscape.
Setting: Steampunk 28mm
October 2015, Manor, TX, US
Castles and Siege Engines for 28mm Gamers
Our 4th Renaissance Miniatures terrain KS! A collection of pre-painted, modular Castle & Siege Engine kits for 28mm tabletop gamers.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
March 2015, Manor, TX, US
Ships, Pirates and WildWest Terrain for 28mm Gamers
Realistic, prepainted, miniature ships, buildings & accessories in 28mm scale. Based around Pirates - but suitable for multiple Genres.
Setting: Pirates 28mm
July 2014, Manor, TX, US
East Asian Village for 28mm Gamers
Realistic pre-painted modular buildings & accessories in 28mm scale. Accessible and detailed interiors with 1" etched grid on floors.
April 2013, Austin, TX, US
Medieval Village for 28mm Gamers
Realistic pre-painted modular buildings & accessories in 28mm scale. Accessible and detailed interiors with 1" etched grid on floors.
October 2012, Austin, TX, US
Renaissance toys
Make modular castles, catapult, ballista and trebuchet, Norman church and pillory. Laser cut models - traditional toys, modern methods.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
June 2012, Austin, TX, US

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Basic Village
Basic Village. Set

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