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We are a new miniatures gaming company, and our first game that is currently in development. It is titled Frozen Rampage, a fantasy miniatures hockey game. We bring the ferocity and speed of a hockey game and bring it to your gaming table.

Currently we have produced a few prototype games and we're currently in the process of sending the games out to reviewers and play testers to get a feel for the market and fine tune the intricacies of the game. If you follow the game of hockey you could imagine how hard it could be to translate it into a miniatures game, but we are up to the task. All the feed back we have received for our game so far, from our play testers and reviewers, has been mostly positive and they look forward to seeing the finished product. If you are a game reviewer, play tester or would like to set up an event using the Frozen Rampage prototypes, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

We recently had a test run for the game on Kickstarter but we soon after realized just how much more work we needed to put into the game and project to make it worthwhile to our customers, so we canceled the current funding to focus on polishing up the game, and developing a strategy to relaunch on Kickstarter with more of a focus on the game and incentives dealing with the game play.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.
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