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As a painter with a long time interest in Fantasy miniatures I searched fervently for interesting models to sate my ever expanding desires. Finally I considered the notion... why search for challenging miniatures when I could design minis specifically for painters, and see them emerge from the page, take on life and beg for a delicate layer of pigmentation..... Hence the birth of Sacred Blade Miniatures.

As you can see from the left hand menu, the scale for Fantasy minis is 32mm. This scale is used to provide fantasy minis that can be used by gamers as indivdual character figures. Despite the fact that Sacred Blade Miniatures are aimed at painters and collectors, gamers may also be able to enjoy using the distinctive miniatures to represent their characters in many roles. The exact height of each mini is stated respectively, but all should be appropriate as unique characters within many gaming systems. The Sci-Fi range however, is slightly different at around 40mm......

Well this stems simply from the fact that I wanted to produce something different for the market. The figures are essentially designed to allow the painter to enjoy the process of painting the figures. They can exploit the slightly larger scale to produce figures that have greater detail and depth and look less like miniatures but closer to reality. This is also the reason why the figures do not adhere to the 'heroic' scale utilised by many manufacturers. The slightly larger scale allows sculptors to create more accurate proportions, without the problem of bodyparts needing to be oversized for effect. Perhaps the most important thing with 40mm however is that it has these advantages, and yet still remains 'miniature' unlike 54mm which appears more like display size. This means it can still be used for satisfying skirmish-style games.

Two reasons really. Firstly, if the minis are used for gaming, with the emphasis on realism the figures are varied to more accurately represent the differing heights both of species, and of characters within those boundaries. Hence in the Sci-Fi scale a 40mm character would be around 5 foot 7 inches, whereas the 50mm+ characters would be closer to 7 foot tall!! In my opinion this makes the aspect of gaming more enjoyable, especially with a team of such figures.

The figures also vary in height because they are meant to be definite characters in their own right. I have designed them to have their own specifications, and not to be generic soldiers for large scale units. This is not to say that I do not appreciate the look of a uniform regiment of Historicals on the battlefield, but that is not what my miniatures are designed to achieve.

The answer.. very simply.. both the online shop and web galleries display the height of each figure from toe to eye level. This is normally located next to the photo of the figure in question. If scale is an issue for you, simply measure the figures you want the Sacred Blade Miniature to fit in with. Then check your measurement against the height displayed online for your chosen figure.

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