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We have a large variety of quality metal and resin models and scenery in a number of scales for wargamers, miniature painters or collectors. From 1/300 micro armour to 28mm sci-fi and fantasy miniatures, vehicles, monsters and scenery, there is something here to suit all tastes.

Scotia Grendel has been going for nearly thirty years now, having started off small in just about every way.

It all began in 1980, with a fifteen year old Robbie Fergusson scratch-building himself some 1:300 scale World War One tanks as a personal project, which he went on to cast in plaster(!) initially. Then he moved on to casting in resin. The tanks proved popular, and soon people were asking for some sets of their own. A new business was beginning to germinate.

However, starting in 1982, there was a three-year hiatus from the business whilst Robbie attended University.

All was not lost, though, and in November 1985, Scotia Micro Models officially came into being. It's global secret headquarters can now be revealed: The village of Letham, in a coal shed located in the garden of Robbie's parents. But, as the saying goes, Mighty oaks from little acorns doth grow, and the next step in Scotia's expansion was just around the corner (almost literally)

Somewhere around 1988-1989, the company had outgrown it's humble beginings, and an industrial factory unit was purchased in Letham, which would remain the company HQ for some time.

In 1996, the Kryomek game system was purchased from Grendel, and became the first additional range to join the Scotia family. Two years later, in 1998, the Grendel range was added to the growing selection. It was also in that year Hallgreen Castle was purchased, and became not only the base for the business, but also home to Robbie and his family.

The years passed steadily, and then, in 2006, the Void 1.1 range was purchased from I-Kore. 2007 saw the addition of Xyston to the company.

What's next? One of the key themes of 2009 is bringing everything up to date. Scotia Grendel has an extensive range of different models, but as a company has pre-dated the widespread use of the internet as a method of purchasing. So, this webstore is the first step in moving toward that goal, with regular updates to images of the various ranges planned, including images of painted models. As for other plans? Suffice to say, we'll be busy enough adding images to the webstore, but there are a number of new releases in the pipeline too...

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