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Jack Scruby (Visalia/Cambria, California, 1916 - September 1988).

John Edwin "Jack" Scruby was a manufacturer of military miniatures whose efforts led to a rebirth of the miniature wargaming hobby in the late 1950s.

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One of earliest of the post-war makers of solids, 20, 30, 40, 54 and 90mm miniatures. A prolific producers, in 1953 he and Frank Conley formed Historical Miniatures Figures, with 54mm models of no particular quality. The partnership dissolved in 1958 and Scruby began producing wargames models. He had already been making these for his own collection, and American Civil War figures. The 9mm models, begun in 1970, are sold in groups of three, attached to solid metal base, making them difficult to remove. Gunson says that he supplied Scruby with designs for models in 90mm, but this cannot be verified.

Somewhere about 1965 he called himself Armbrite Industries, but later resorted back to his own name. As a writer, he began The War Game Digest in 1957, which lasted until 1962, when it was superseded by Table Top Talk. In 1978 he began selling in limited numbers specimens (painted by him self) of Britains-type toy solders.

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