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Our story begins over 37 years ago, when RAFM Company Inc, began producing rules and then miniatures for the gaming industry in 1979. RAFM Miniatures has produced miniatures under contract for decades including Call of Cthulhu miniatures, Space:1889 and many other notable game licenses.

This company, reborn in 1999 as Silver Fox Productions Inc., producing RAFM Miniatures, has a proven track record. Our miniatures have sold to thousands of people worldwide, and have received many awards from the game industry. Other award winning lines include Siege Equipement, and WWII Vehicles. Our new lines include USX Modern Day Heroes, and Call of Cthulhu (TM) Miniatures. The company has existed for several decades and will be around to support your gaming needs for years to come.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Silver Fox Productions

RAFM New Airship Pirate Miniatures
Help us build new release miniatures for use with the Airship Pirates RPG based on the music of Abney Park and Robert Brown.
Setting: Pirates 32mm
October 2014, Brantford, Canada, CA
RAFM Fantasy Miniatures Universal Soldier Game and Figures
The printing of the Universal Soldier Battle System and the conversion of RAFM Miniatures classic fantasy miniatures to plastic figures
Setting: Fantasy
June 2014, Brantford, Canada, CA
RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Miniatures
The officially licensed 7th edition Call of Cthulhu RPG miniature line. Classic modules brought to life in 32mm miniature form.
January 2014, Brantford, Canada, CA
RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures (Canceled)
From the music of Abney Park and the writings of Captain Robert Brown a new line of miniatures for use with the Airship Pirates RPG.
Setting: Pirates 32mm
September 2013, Brantford, Canada, CA

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