Small Terrain

Small Terrain is an independent UK based terrain company specializing in hand crafted scenery for all scales of tabletop wargaming. Creating high end items using resin and MDF.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Small Terrain

"In A Dark Future" - 28mm Resin Sci-Fi Scatter Terrain
Resin cast 28mm scatter terrain, perfect for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Tabletop games. Great for Warhammer 40k or Mantic's Warpath.
Setting: Fantasy, Sci-fi 28mm
June 2017, Wiltshire, UK, GB
"Don't Panic!" - Bricks & Mortar Resin Terrain
Hand made 28mm resin brick terrain, perfect for WW2 games like Bolt Action. These can be used in 40k or any 28mm scale tabletop games.
Setting: Historical 28mm
May 2017, Wiltshire, UK, GB
Take Cover! Sandbag & Rubble Terrain.
Hand made 28mm resin sandbag terrain, perfect for all different games and tabletops. Great for Bolt Action, 40K and The Walking Dead!
Setting: Historical 28mm
April 2017, Wiltshire, UK, GB
The Small Terrain Studio Project
Help Small Terrain create a new studio, so we can produce high end, hand made wargaming scenery for all different scales and genres.
Setting: Fantasy, Sci-fi 28mm
September 2016, Wiltshire, UK, GB

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