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Smart Max edit the most outstanding 1/35 scale Fantasy Miniatures. At every step, from the character design to the final resin casting, we take the greatest care to make every Smart Max miniature a unique work of art.

Originally make two series - SMOG Miniatures and Mauser Earth Miniatures. Mauser Earth range sold to Wonderlands Project.

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First set: 1 January 1970
Last update: 1 January 1970
Next update: ~ we dont know, really.

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London, 1888. A stubborn smog is stretching over the city.

The combined powers of steam technology and etheromancy have made the British Empire the world’s leading nation. Day and night the chimneys of the factories vomit their heavy smokes. Walking the sprawling streets of the city, you never know who you shall meet at the dark corner of a squalid alley...

Sets: 50
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Progress: 82%

Most Viewed Miniatures of Smart Max

The Moonchild
The Moonchild. Set
Tinkerbell & Bismarck
Tinkerbell & Bismarck. Set
Lily Watson
Lily Watson. Set
Jack Mk4
Jack Mk4. Set
Lord Marquis of Carabas
Lord Marquis of Carabas. Set
File X
File X. Set
Prince Rabindranath Singh
Prince Rabindranath Singh. Set
Piotr Goodenough
Piotr Goodenough. Set
Kain Finger
Kain Finger. Set
The Coprophagus
The Coprophagus. Set
Miss Liddell
Miss Liddell. Set
Nibaba. Set

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