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Specialist Games are a range of (originally seven) games, created by Games Workshop. They were designed to expand on the core games range (Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Lord of the Rings) for two main purposes. Firstly, they would allow games set in the same background to exist, which showcased different aspects and comflict scales. For example, Epic Armageddon takes the Warhammer 40K battle and pulls back. Where a traditional game of 40K consists of a battle consisting of a platoon or two of around 100 troops, a game of Epic involved Company wide conflicts, entire squadrons of tanks and multiple huge striding war engines, while Battlefleet Gothic takes the 40K battle into space as city sized vessels exchange fire in the heat of battle. At the other end of the spectrum, Mordheim takes a handful of hopeful adventurers out of their Warhammer Fantasy army, and pits them against other warbands in a desperate struggle for survival and scavenging.

Secondly, Specialist Games exist to give experienced gamers scope to expand, or alternatives to, the core games. You may find that seek alternatives to another game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but one still steeped in the background and lore that you love, and Warmaster exists to allow you to take your games to another level. Specialist Games are often overlooked, but actually offer a wealth of opportunities, scope and expansion, either as an alternative to the core games, as in partnership with these games, or simply in their own right, and provide some diversity and new challenges to the wargamer.

For anyone willing to glance outside the core Games Workshop systems, the Specialist Games range provides a deeper, more involved wargaming experience, still backed up by the rich mythos and background of their universes, and can be incredibly rewarding and emersive to delve into.

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