Thirdman studio

hirdman is an independent studio of sculpture and digital engineering.

The studio offers customers three qualities he is the only one which associates on the market :

The creativity and passion of artists and illustrators.
The talent and expertise of its digital sculptors, from digital sculpture to the finalization of files for manufacturing.
The professionalism of its approach (support in the development of customers projects, on time delivery and costs mastering).

We will also use all of that to promote sculptors and designers through the distribution of limited edition figurines of all sizes. We will propose to you hobbyists, collectors and players, products of high quality, exclusive, designed by renowned game environment and film artists. These figurines will be unique, and disseminated through specific operations!

The founders

Alexander Aragorn MARKS : sculptor of great talent (traditional and digital), it is the heart of the reactor! Former lead Rackham sculptor, he has spent four years at GW worldwide leader in the tabletop game industry. Sculptor as technical advisor, it ensures that deliverables meet the technical constraints of industrial manufacturing, especially for plastic.

Guillaume BICHET : Graphic designer, illustrator, he’s responsible for the artistic direction of the studio. Specialist in coloring, he was responsible for the team of painters from Rackham and waiting for an opportunity to put one more time one foot in the world of tabletop games. He’s in charge of creating the editorial line of the studio.

Patrick BICHET : Former manager in recognized large IT companies, he is the manager of the studio. He takes care of everything that annoys his associates : sales, contracts, organization and finance. It ensures that all projects in the studio are addressed thoughtfully and mastered.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Thirdman studio

ASYLUM : The Alderney case - First act
ASYLUM: The Alderney Case, takes place in the dread universe created 10 years ago by Edouard Guiton and produced by Thirdman Studio.
November 2015, Paris, France, FR

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