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Underestimated Games Limited was formed by two friends that have known each other from childhood. Gary has lived in Suffolk most of his life, studying construction, now working as a experienced and successful bid manager, delivering multi million pound contracts in the Utility and Construction sectors. With a passion for tabletop gaming and painting, Gary has applied his experience of winning gaming and painting tournaments to build an develop a whole new world. Gary was joined in the only development stages by Aidan. Aidan also hails from Suffolk and is an experienced teacher with a passion for video games as a one time moderator for Runescape, the MMO.

Both Aidan and Gary enjoy the creative opportunities this project brings having developed a number of characters that live in a bold new world. A lot of this creative influence comes from time spent by both of them sat in front of the TV watching films and laughing along to Eddie Murphy stand-up.

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First set: 14 September 2017
Last update: 16 October 2017
Next update: ~ Never (we think)

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Purgatory is a new skirmish table top game that can be played by two or more players. It combines a fresh, modern gaming experience alongside a range of high quality 32mm scale miniatures for you to play with, that have been created by some of the best sculptors in Europe.

Sets: 25
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Progress: 89%

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Purgatory is a fresh take on traditional skirmish gaming, packed with high quality resin models in world full of colourful characters
October 2016, Ipswich, UK, GB

Most Viewed Miniatures of Underestimated Games Limited

Soul Train Starter Set
Soul Train Starter Set. Set
Cyan. Set
Keysha. Set
Erishkigal. Set
Ebony. Set
Bobby B
Bobby B. Set
Faith. Set
Small Daniels
Small Daniels. Set
Slayer. Set
Shaquanda. Set
Murder Inc. Triple Threat (Pack B)
Murder Inc. Triple Threat (Pack B). Set
Murder Inc Triple Threat (Pack A)
Murder Inc Triple Threat (Pack A). Set

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