Wonderlands Project

Wonderlands Project is a French company about making miniatures figures and games.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.
This is not official page of this company. Use links under company's logo to go to official site.

New Miniatures from Wonderlands Project

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First set: 5 June 2010
Last update: 24 March 2016
Next update: ~ 19 July 2020

Games / Product Lines of Wonderlands Project


Sets: 391
reviews ?
Progress: 84%
In 42 Companies

Mauser Earth

Mauser Earth is a Diesel-Punk universe. It take place in Paris in 1938. Each of the four major world power are fighting to seize the french capital to control the central point of the railroad lines and finally dominate their opponents!

Sets: 28
reviews ?
Progress: 87%


It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Sets: 7612
reviews ?
Progress: 83%
In 163 Companies

Persons worked with Wonderlands Project ( we know - 17 persons )

Most Viewed Miniatures of Wonderlands Project

Shark Day
Shark Day. Set
Hailey Smith: Cat Suit
Hailey Smith: Cat Suit. Set
Captain Canada
Captain Canada. Set
Streetbot Willy
Streetbot Willy. Set
Bundle: Tundra + Taïga
Bundle: Tundra + Taïga. Set
Bundle: Hybride B48 + Hybride B54
Bundle: Hybride B48 + Hybride B54. Set
Major Kobayashi
Major Kobayashi. Set
Hybride B48
Hybride B48. Set
Red Komissar
Red Komissar. Set
Chapochka. Set
Bundle: Buster + Chuck + Harpo
Bundle: Buster + Chuck + Harpo. Set
Panzerjunker U-Bot
Panzerjunker U-Bot. Set

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