The eternal general, bred to be the ultimate soldier and combat leader, Mean Jellybean is the unquestioned Alpha Warrior of the Brood. A strange creature, Mean Jellybean is a perfect blend of offense and defense. His chitinous exoskeleton brims with razor-sharp spikes and he wields his Chigg staff with deadly skill. Resurrected thousands of times, becoming deadlier with each rebirth, his genome supercharged by the Brood Mere, Mean Jellybean is an unparalleled killing machine. Pushing north with his Brood armies against the fallen Men-Gods, Mean Jellybean won’t stop the carnage until all the humans in Samaria have died bloody deaths.


Spawned from the deadliest elements of the Brood’s genetic cesspool, a deadly amalgamation of tactical prowess and battle mastery, Murtros is the new face of the Brood. Murtros was created by the Brood Mere from the genetic

materials of his two “parents,” Helexa and Mean Jellybean. Wielding his Kitache staff with lethal fluidity, Murtros is equally formidable on or off the battlefield, excelling in his twin roles of strategist and mass murderer. Blending the tactical and combat genius of his parents with acidic blood and regenerative abilities, Murtros is the next generation of the Brood. Humanity, beware!


Eternal companion of the Brood Mere, bio-engineered as a battle strategist without peer, Helexa is the field commander of the Brood’s swarming armies. A strange hybrid of human woman and amphibian Helexa was created as a tactician, an armchair general directing troops from afar. After countless rebirths through the ages, each of her incarnations has become more deadly. Now she takes the battlefield eagerly, her formidable claws dripping with a paralyzing poison. Combining the viciousness of the Brood with unparalleled tactical genius and the problem-solving ability of a supercomputer, Helexa will be the last thing you ever see!

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