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The Gremlins were a semi-primitive race when New Lilliput made first contact with them. However, they are a very curious and industrious folk. They soon became enchanted by the technology that the visitors brought along, and started mimicking their tools.

They seized control of one of the Portals, and eagerly studied it… and soon replicated one for their own use. They used this technology to break into New Lilliput, and started to loot the world, taking home much of their tools and technology, as if it belonged to them!

Gremlins believe that everything that exists is rightfully theirs, so they have no qualms in taking home anything they fancy. It is needless to say that the people of New Lilliput frowned upon this attitude, and they promptly asked them to leave their dimension. This clash of culture is often a cause for dispute amongst these two races.

Combining their unexpected knack for putting things together and their hard-working nature, it soon lead them to create wonderful new items from the fruits of their looting raids. They eventually found the way through the portals into our world, discovering a new bountiful technology which they just adore! They love above all things to strip down our machines, taking some of the shiniest components in order to build their crazy contraptions.

From this abundance of looted technology, they managed to forge lightning rods to defend themselves from the other little people trying to take away what they believe to be theirs. They also built the Ragmen, mechanical contraptions made from metal cogs, wood and strips of cloth, hurriedly assembled to serve as cannon fodder and to act as watchmen while they disassemble human machines.

When the Gremlins seize a space, our stuff becomes ruined. You will notice that there are Gremlins in your home when the fridge breaks down, the TV stops working, then the washing machine, then the vacuum cleaner…

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