Warrior Mice

Time to hold the cheese above your head, jump on a rickety chair, and start screaming for the cat! However, if Kitty has any sense he will be keeping a low profile because these mice are fed up with nervously lurking in the walls and scurrying furtively around at night: they are organised, armed, and from now on – no larder is safe!

Introducing Mike Broadbent’s new range of Warrior Mice, a host of cute anthropomorphic rodent soldiers ready to do battle with all comers. The initial release includes mice warriors armed with swords, spears and bows, together with rat mounted cavalry and associated command mice. For game ideas you could pit them against some of our other warrior creatures such as Kosta Heristanidis’ range of Warrior Frogs or they should be ideal for furry animal role playing games like Harvester (Troll Lord Games – available through RPGnow).

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