28mm Fantasy Miniatures

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New Miniatures from 28mm Fantasy Miniatures

Factions of 28mm Fantasy Miniatures


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Ogre Kingdoms

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Orc and Goblins

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Wood Elves

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Most Viewed Miniatures of 28mm Fantasy Miniatures

Ogre War Rhino Rider
Ogre War Rhino Rider. Set
Orc Chief on War Boar
Orc Chief on War Boar. Set
Ogre Chief
Ogre Chief. Set
Big Fat Uncle - Monster
Big Fat Uncle - Monster. Set
Town Guard 12 miniatures
Town Guard 12 miniatures. Set
Wood Elf Mage
Wood Elf Mage. Set
Ogre Slaughterer
Ogre Slaughterer. Set
Barbarian Veteran #1
Barbarian Veteran #1. Set
Knight Jurand
Knight Jurand. Set
Ogre Cossack Semen
Ogre Cossack Semen. Set
Extremely Barbaric Barbarian
Extremely Barbaric Barbarian. Set
Barbarian Champion
Barbarian Champion. Set
Fighting Priest #3
Fighting Priest #3. Set
Barbarian #1
Barbarian #1. Set
Rotten Lord on Mutant Snail
Rotten Lord on Mutant Snail. Set
Goblin Riff-Raff Warrior
Goblin Riff-Raff Warrior. Set
Great Demon
Great Demon. Set
Beast. Set
Ogres Guners set
Ogres Guners set. Set
Uglyns. Set

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