Bane Legions

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New Miniatures from Bane Legions

Factions of Bane Legions


The Kingdoms of Man are not so inviolable as their leaders and protectors would have us believe. In the wilds of the world, in the wildernesses and the mountains and the forests, horrors and abominations unimaginable to so-called enlightened minds stir from their lairs, craving blood, despair and pain. These are the BaneBeasts, curses and torments all, ruination incarnate...
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Chieftains and generals know little of their rulers' intentions, content to cling to their own power or, foolishly, to believe they truly defend their people; but they, like the armies they command, are in reality an extension of their lords' power, illusions created to further the ends of nobles and chieftains. These are the BaneLords, kings and captains, ravagers and defenders, tyrants and heroes...
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Crowd Funding Projects

BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux
Grab the mightiest of monsters, from demons and chimeras to giants and dragons, for your tabletop fantasy armies!
April 2015, Warsop Vale, UK, GB
BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters
Grab the mightiest of monsters, from dragons and demons to rat beasts and orc wyverns, for your tabletop fantasy armies!
January 2015, Nottingham, UK, GB

Most Viewed Miniatures of Bane Legions

N'nhohbr'hoth, Prince of the Flies
N'nhohbr'hoth, Prince of the Flies. Set
Kholukk, Ogre Drake of the Grimwald
Kholukk, Ogre Drake of the Grimwald. Set
Belech, Axeman of Omens
Belech, Axeman of Omens. Set
Proteanc, Fickle Lord of Uroboros
Proteanc, Fickle Lord of Uroboros. Set
Lamashti, Pleasure Demon
Lamashti, Pleasure Demon. Set
Khan-Wrath, War Demon
Khan-Wrath, War Demon. Set
Angaakk, Ox-Gore of the Darkwald
Angaakk, Ox-Gore of the Darkwald. Set
S'hcrhro'tum-b'hoss, Lord of Pus
S'hcrhro'tum-b'hoss, Lord of Pus. Set
Nagausith, Black Ælf Augurer
Nagausith, Black Ælf Augurer. Set
Hetseentcha, Phoenix Demon
Hetseentcha, Phoenix Demon. Set
N'nhohbr'hurt'hs, Demon Prince of Plague
N'nhohbr'hurt'hs, Demon Prince of Plague. Set
Papworth the Pillager, Chaos Giant
Papworth the Pillager, Chaos Giant. Set
Malek, Black Ælf Lord on Dragon
Malek, Black Ælf Lord on Dragon. Set
Buggrom of Ulmo, Orc Warlord with Great Weapon on Wyvern
Buggrom of Ulmo, Orc Warlord with Great Weapon on Wyvern. Set
Khan-Fury, Demon Prince of War
Khan-Fury, Demon Prince of War. Set
The Horror of Scumasthorpe, Foul Chimera
The Horror of Scumasthorpe, Foul Chimera. Set
Guillaume le Pèlerin, Vagrant Knight
Guillaume le Pèlerin, Vagrant Knight. Set
Bee'hhckd'hkkk, Blight Beast
Bee'hhckd'hkkk, Blight Beast. Set
Shazham, Orc Shaman on Wyvern
Shazham, Orc Shaman on Wyvern. Set
Brazhag, Orc Warlord with Two Weapons
Brazhag, Orc Warlord with Two Weapons. Set

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