Battlefleet Gothic

Battlefleet Gothic is a miniature game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It deals with the space combat aspect of the universe, and particularly the events surrounding the Gothic War. The game background is explored in the novels Execution Hour and Shadow Point. Battlefleet Gothic is part of Games Workshop's Specialist Games range and has its own line of miniatures.

Battlefleet Gothic is the exciting game of spaceship battles in the dark future of the 41st Millennium. Huge fleets of enormous starships engage in ship to ship combat amongst the darkness of the galaxy in a struggle for the domination of the Gothic Sector!

You command either a valiant fleet of the Imperial starships in the name of the Emperor of Mankind or an insidious horde of Chaos heretics whose only purpose is to subjugate and destroy all they encounter to sate the dark desires of their foul gods. There are also other races involved in the conflict, like the mysterious Eldar and the crude and brutal Orks. Whatever force you choose to command, you are in control of a million tons of awesome, Warpdrive-powered fury cutting through the void of interstellar space!

Your force is represented by models from the Citadel Miniatures range that you paint and assemble yourself. There are plenty of ships included in the boxed game to get you started and our hardworking Miniature Designers have got an entire range of incredible Battleships, Cruisers, Frigates and Gunships available to be deployed for battle.

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New Miniatures from Battlefleet Gothic

Factions of Battlefleet Gothic


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Chaos Fleet

Chaos Fleets are composed of earlier versions of Imperial ships that defected during the great Heresy. These ancient vessels are now crewed by Traitors and other unmentionable horrors. Chaos ships have vast amounts of firepower and great speed. The swiftness of the ships is used to bring the short-ranged weaponry to bear upon enemy fleets. This combination of speed and firepower is a threat best dealt with from afar. For the Imperium, it is a constant, weary task to cleanse the stars of the Chaos taint, but it must be done.
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Dark Eldar Fleet

Appearing as if from thin air, the fleets of the Dark Eldar sweep down on unsuspecting worlds and sow the seeds of terror and fear before retreating back to their den of evil. These aliens cause as much mayhem and destruction to enemy vessels as possible before making off with slaves, trophies, and victims for their gladiatorial bloodsports.
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Eldar Fleet

Constucted by the alien and enigmatic Eldar using semi-organic manufacturing techniques, the massive Cruisers, swift Frigates and deadly Destroyers of the Eldar Fleet fight to further the mysterious purposes of this ancient race in the Gothic sector!
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Imperial Fleet

The ships of the Imperial Navy are massive structures constructed for deep space warfare in the harsh darkness of the void between worlds, protecting the Imperium of Man from all who would destroy it.
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Necron Fleet

Once very rare, encounters with the Necron fleets are starting to occur more and more. Their technologly is superior to every other race, including the Eldar. In every encounter so far the Necrons have only been defeated by superior numbers of enemy ships. Fortunatly the Necron fleets encounted so far have been small in size, but what will happen if they ever attack in force remains to be seen.
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Ork Fleet

Ork fleets will harry any ships in the Gothic Sector which they encounter with enormous Kill Kroozers, vicious Terror Ships, powerful Savage Gunships and typically Orky Brute Ramships! Assemble your fleet and take to the stars, the Waaagh! begins here!!!
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Space Marine Fleet

The presence of Space Marine ships from any one Chapter ranges from a single rapid strike vessel (usually used for patrols and long range transportation) to several Space Marine strike cruisers and a battle barge. The aid of the Space Marines proves invaluable in reclaiming many worlds that had been lost to alien or heretical forces. It is this kind of counter-incursion activity that the Space Marines excel at and, at the direst of time, most needed.
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Tau Fleet

The Tau are now an established power on the Eastern Fringe, but it remains to be seen if their fleet can rise to the challenges and perils of a very dangerous universe
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Tyranid Fleet

Tyranid fleets are a terror to face up close. Completely biological vessels that live float through the void as they close for battle. Protected by banks and banks of spore mines, it can be quite difficult to penetrate this mass and cause damage to the actual ships. Most of the weaponry on Tyranid ships are short ranged but very effective. In addition to projectile attacks, they are the only race to use appendages like claws and tentacles to attack enemy ships.
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Most Viewed Miniatures of Battlefleet Gothic

Tyranid Hiveship
Tyranid Hiveship. Set
Defence Monitor And System Ships
Defence Monitor And System Ships. Set
Tau Courier Transport
Tau Courier Transport. Set
Flame of Asuryan, Yriel’s Flagship
Flame of Asuryan, Yriel’s Flagship. Set
Imperial Apocalypse Class Battleship
Imperial Apocalypse Class Battleship. Set
Space Marine Nova Class Frigates
Space Marine Nova Class Frigates. Set
Endeavour Light Cruiser
Endeavour Light Cruiser. Set
Tyranid Leviathan Hiveship
Tyranid Leviathan Hiveship. Set
Space Marine Hunter Class Destroyers
Space Marine Hunter Class Destroyers. Set
Chaos Possessed Daemon Cruiser
Chaos Possessed Daemon Cruiser. Set
Grey Knight Strike Cruiser
Grey Knight Strike Cruiser. Set
Imperial Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser
Imperial Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser. Set
Ork Super Battleship
Ork Super Battleship. Set
Slamblasta Ork Battleship
Slamblasta Ork Battleship. Set

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