It's miniatures details from sets.

Оставшиеся и запасные части от миниатюр.

New Miniatures from Bitz

Factions of Bitz


Sets: 199
Reviews: 18
Progress: 0%

Imperial Mechanics

Sets: 23
Reviews: 0
Progress: 0%


Sets: 32
Reviews: 14
Progress: 0%


Sets: 8
Reviews: 1
Progress: 0%


Sets: 393
Reviews: 1091
Progress: 0%

Space Warriors

Sets: 4
Reviews: 0
Progress: 0%

Most Viewed Miniatures of Bitz

Skull & Bones Kit
Skull & Bones Kit. Set
Barbarian Shields
Barbarian Shields. Set
tentacles kit
tentacles kit. Set
East Coast/Woodland Indian set
East Coast/Woodland Indian set. Set
Crossbow. Set
Colt Pistol
Colt Pistol. Set
Celtic Weapons set
Celtic Weapons set. Set
Bottles kit
Bottles kit. Set

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