Blood Bowl

A mighty roar fills the stadium as the players take to the field! The two teams face each other, brutal orcs versus hardened human warriors. The starting whistle blows and the football is kicked off... the game of BLOOD BOWL has begun!

Могучий рык разносится над стадионом и игроки выходят на поле! Две команды противостоят друг другу – беспощадные орки против закаленных в боях людей! Звучит свисток и футбольный матч начинается…стартовала игра за Кровавый Кубок!

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Factions of Blood Bowl


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Chaos Dwarfs

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Dark Elves

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High Elves

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From the bleak lands of the painted to the soft coasts of the south, from the icy shores of Thule to the windswept beaches of Frankia, the Norsemenn are reviled in the darklands as murderers of women and children, pillagers and slavers without mercy, wild and savage killers that destroy almost everything they touch and take the rest for themselves. The fury of the northmen sweeps all before them, and yet the Norse, the Skilfing kingdom in particular, are not so barbaric - nor so different from other humans - as many would choose to believe.
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Nurgles Rotters

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Most Viewed Miniatures of Blood Bowl

Skavenblight Scramblers Dice Set
Skavenblight Scramblers Dice Set. Set
Amazon Blood Bowl Team
Amazon Blood Bowl Team. Set
Dwarf Blood Bowl Team
Dwarf Blood Bowl Team. Set
Human Blood Bowl Team
Human Blood Bowl Team. Set
Elf Blood Bowl Team
Elf Blood Bowl Team. Set
Goblin Blood Bowl Team
Goblin Blood Bowl Team. Set
Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team
Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team. Set
Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team
Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team. Set
High Elf Blood Bowl Team
High Elf Blood Bowl Team. Set
Skavenblight Scramblers
Skavenblight Scramblers. Set
Blood Bowl: Blood on the Snow
Blood Bowl: Blood on the Snow. Set
Blood Bowl Treeman
Blood Bowl Treeman. Set
Ogre Blood Bowl Team
Ogre Blood Bowl Team. Set
Griff Oberwald
Griff Oberwald. Set
Chaos Blood Bowl Team
Chaos Blood Bowl Team. Set
Lizardmen Blood Bowl Team
Lizardmen Blood Bowl Team. Set
Goblin Cheerleader
Goblin Cheerleader. Set
Nuove uscite di Blood Bowl
Nuove uscite di Blood Bowl. Set
Blood Bowl Troll
Blood Bowl Troll. Set
Blood Bowl Goblin & Halfling Referees
Blood Bowl Goblin & Halfling Referees. Set

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