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New Miniatures from Bruegelburg

Factions of Bruegelburg

Most Viewed Miniatures of Bruegelburg

Peasant Woman and Musician
Peasant Woman and Musician. Set
Old hag and plague doctor
Old hag and plague doctor. Set
Jesters. Set
Horses. Set
Schweinstein Revolting Peasants
Schweinstein Revolting Peasants. Set
Cannon "Death Bell" with Crew
Cannon "Death Bell" with Crew. Set
Walter, The Little Herald
Walter, The Little Herald. Set
Archivist and Merchant
Archivist and Merchant. Set
Knights. Set
Knight 2
Knight 2. Set
Powder Pigs 1
Powder Pigs 1. Set
Schweinstein Pigs 1
Schweinstein Pigs 1. Set
Revolting Peasants Musician and Standard Bearer
Revolting Peasants Musician and Standard Bearer. Set
Peasant Hand Bombards
Peasant Hand Bombards. Set
Landsknecht with Greatsword 1
Landsknecht with Greatsword 1. Set
Long Rifle Sharpshooter Team 2
Long Rifle Sharpshooter Team 2. Set
Merchants (Veneticum Mercatori)
Merchants (Veneticum Mercatori). Set
Merchants (Hansa Teutonica)
Merchants (Hansa Teutonica). Set
Cannon "Donner Karl"
Cannon "Donner Karl". Set
Landsknecht Crossbowmen with pavises
Landsknecht Crossbowmen with pavises. Set

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