Clan War

A fantasy Miniatures game based on Legend of the Five Rings, which combines a use of a card deck with a d10 based rolling system. It is based in feudal Japan with Samurai of various clans fighting to support their lord's quest to become Emperor. There are also shugenja (mages), Dragons, Naga, and hordes of evil demons (Oni). You get a certain number of points to build an army, and armies must typically have units that are either from the same clan or unaligned. You can be units from other clans, but they cost a premium (usually 20% above list price). Typically, personalities lead units, which is some number of basic troops (usually samurai). A good personality can cost as much as 30 or 40 basic troops, but most cost around 10 times more. Leaders, and occasionally units, have skills. Skills are used to modify initiatives, absorb damage, boost morale, and the like. Many personalities (and some units) also have skills that are unique to that personality / unit.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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Factions of Clan War

Most Viewed Miniatures of Clan War

Unicorn Clan - Shinjo Mosaku
Unicorn Clan - Shinjo Mosaku. Set
Naga Clan - Naga with Glaive Back
Naga Clan - Naga with Glaive Back. Set
Unaligned - Medium Infantry Spearman
Unaligned - Medium Infantry Spearman. Set
Shadowland Horde - Tsukuro
Shadowland Horde - Tsukuro. Set
Shadowland Horde - Oni No Akuma
Shadowland Horde - Oni No Akuma. Set
Phoenix Clan - Shiba House Guard
Phoenix Clan - Shiba House Guard. Set
Yoritomo’s Alliance - Storm Legion
Yoritomo’s Alliance - Storm Legion. Set
Yoritomo’s Alliance - Kamoto
Yoritomo’s Alliance - Kamoto. Set
Unaligned - Ashi-Kyu Archer (2 pack)
Unaligned - Ashi-Kyu Archer (2 pack). Set
Shadowland Horde - Blood Speaker #2
Shadowland Horde - Blood Speaker #2. Set
Shadowland Horde - Skeleton #1 (2 pack)
Shadowland Horde - Skeleton #1 (2 pack). Set
Shadowland Horde - Yogo Junzo
Shadowland Horde - Yogo Junzo. Set
Shadowland Horde - Goblin Warmonger
Shadowland Horde - Goblin Warmonger. Set
Shadowland Horde - Kyoso No Oni
Shadowland Horde - Kyoso No Oni. Set
Shadowland Horde - Oni no Kamu
Shadowland Horde - Oni no Kamu. Set
Shadowland Horde - Moto Tsume
Shadowland Horde - Moto Tsume. Set
Scorpion Clan - Ninja Bowmen #1 (2 pack)
Scorpion Clan - Ninja Bowmen #1 (2 pack). Set
Scorpion Clan - Bayushi Togai
Scorpion Clan - Bayushi Togai. Set
Crane Clan - Empress' Guard
Crane Clan - Empress' Guard. Set
Crane Clan - Daidoji Saboteur
Crane Clan - Daidoji Saboteur. Set

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