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New Miniatures from Darklands

Factions of Darklands


Known to the Byzantii (and the Romanii before them) as the Pictii and renowned for their fierce savagery, the Albainn resisted their invasions for hundreds of years but resist those of others still, for many yet covet the lands in the north, wild as they are. The brutal Norse raid the coasts of Alba with increasing ferocity, as they do most lands, yet the Fomoraic and the Érainn and the Angelcynn pose a greater threat to the seven kingdoms as their kings well know.
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The Angelcynn are the descendants of the warlike people brought to Bryten by the Romanii in the age of hearth-tales and dragon-fire, when conquests were to be made, pickings were rich and sacrifices in the old gods' names reaped their own rewards.
Sets: 53
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An ancient race of sea-farers and raiders with a long and troubled history of trade and war with civilisations thousands of miles from Atalantia, the Atalantes cling stubbornly to that crumbling land despite the encroaching seas and the efforts of their myriad enemies, much of whom were once their slaves. Indeed, such is the strife upon Atalantia that it is the will of many to return to their origins, as foolhardy as that may be, yet those still with their wits about them employ forbidden magic and unearthly weapons to keep their lands and their culture alive.
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Of the original inhabitants of what was once called the Island of the Mighty by their ancestors the Brythoniaid are all that is left, discounting the treacherous Kernowek, for the Érainn and the Albainn and especially the Angelcynn and the Seaxans have taken great swathes of their lands for themselves.
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The immortal Emperor Constantine III of Byzantia may rule over a thousand realms but still he covets the power and the glory of his western ancestors at their height.
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Faith in the one God, never as easy as Pádraig had taught, is now sorely tested within the Érainn. The relentless march of the Fomoraic and the ice that Baalor brings both to destroy the land and to aid his unnatural war-hosts cannot be turned back by the cross alone, as the Uí Néill of the north and the Eóganachta of the south have found to their cost.
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The Fomoraic ascend to the lands from the black depths of the seas in scaled and slimed hordes of horrifying destruction, their declining, decaying world under the cold waves driving them upwards, ever upwards, to terrorise and subjugate those who thought the world was theirs alone.
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Amongst those invited to defend Britannia in ages past by the Romanii were the Jutes, at first glance little different from the Angelcynn or Seaxans or Friesians that joined them in the time of Henghest and Horsa. Now, in this age of darkness, the corruption of the Jutes is of black renown, for their barrows unleash the dead that knew battle long ago and their hosts embrace shape-shifters of altogether different form, forms of the mounds and the tumuli, forms of the disturbed earth and the cracked rocks.
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The Khthones are not one race but many, a myriad of reptilian anthropomorphs created by the Atalantes to be their servants and their menials, vassals to die in battle for them and thralls to bend to their every will, whim or desire. For thousands of years the Khthones suffered this cruel slavery, years of pain and mutilation and barbarity, until their endurance was finally exhausted and the chains that bound them could be borne no more.
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It's technical faction to collect all limited editions and exclusives in one place.
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From the bleak lands of the painted to the soft coasts of the south, from the icy shores of Thule to the windswept beaches of Frankia, the Norsemenn are reviled in the darklands as murderers of women and children, pillagers and slavers without mercy, wild and savage killers that destroy almost everything they touch and take the rest for themselves. The fury of the northmen sweeps all before them, and yet the Norse, the Skilfing kingdom in particular, are not so barbaric - nor so different from other humans - as many would choose to believe.
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The degenerates of Ys, wholly damned by that decadent city and their Queen Euryalia, who is and yet is not the Horned God upon the earth; the treacherous Drunes of Kernow, kinslayers and betrayers, stubbornly holding to their brooding fortresses even as the rest of Prytain suffers; the remnants of Merovech's sons, led by the do-nothing king who would bow and scrape to Ys rather than lose what little of his power remains.
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Most Viewed Miniatures of Darklands

Seza, Death-Abhorrent
Seza, Death-Abhorrent. Set
Angrislaug, Draiggoch of Eryri
Angrislaug, Draiggoch of Eryri. Set
Ygandr, Hydra of Ýdron
Ygandr, Hydra of Ýdron. Set
Bockaaruk, Tarvax Warrior
Bockaaruk, Tarvax Warrior. Set
Agni, Hrafnmann Warrior
Agni, Hrafnmann Warrior. Set
Thillia, Portent of Khthon
Thillia, Portent of Khthon. Set
Leofwen, Fane-Bearer of Dēra on Great Hart
Leofwen, Fane-Bearer of Dēra on Great Hart. Set
Uhtred Uhtredson, Lord of the North on Foot
Uhtred Uhtredson, Lord of the North on Foot. Set
Torku, Bone-Aberrant
Torku, Bone-Aberrant. Set
Druc, Meat-Hulk
Druc, Meat-Hulk. Set
The Terror of Fortriu, Chimaera
The Terror of Fortriu, Chimaera. Set
Maallolvór, Lumbering Mallox
Maallolvór, Lumbering Mallox. Set
Krull, Servile Lord of Dis
Krull, Servile Lord of Dis. Set
Aradae Mawr, Pencawrdraig of Dugadw
Aradae Mawr, Pencawrdraig of Dugadw. Set
Blood-Maw, Vore
Blood-Maw, Vore. Set
Penda the Bloody-Handed, Warrior-King of Mierce on Horse
Penda the Bloody-Handed, Warrior-King of Mierce on Horse. Set
Sthena, Gorgór of Khthon
Sthena, Gorgór of Khthon. Set
Naegannwg, Tândyndraig of Gwaelod
Naegannwg, Tândyndraig of Gwaelod. Set
Dúngal, Mormaer of Dun Durn on Foot
Dúngal, Mormaer of Dun Durn on Foot. Set
Belech, Scion of Baalor
Belech, Scion of Baalor. Set

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