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New Miniatures from Deepwars

Factions of Deepwars

Crowd Funding Projects

ShadowSea - Battle for the Underlands
Help us produce the ShadowSea - Battle for the Underlands, a 28mm scale tactical miniatures game set in a lost underground realm.
Setting: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Pirates 28mm
October 2012, Miami, FL, US
DeepWars - Tabletop Combat in the Abyssal Depths
28mm scale miniature game with starter sets of minis & rulebook. Forces battle for powerful artifacts among sunken cites and wrecks.
Setting: Sci-fi 28mm
February 2012, Miami, FL, US

Most Viewed Miniatures of Deepwars

Chariniform Light Assault Mech Construct
Chariniform Light Assault Mech Construct. Set
Draconid Sea Demon Shaman
Draconid Sea Demon Shaman. Set
Elluvi Darkeye, Dark Mariner Commander
Elluvi Darkeye, Dark Mariner Commander. Set
Angus McBain – Fortune Hunter Commander
Angus McBain – Fortune Hunter Commander. Set
Scaly Horde Starter Pack
Scaly Horde Starter Pack. Set
Cthan the Ravenous, Scaly Horde Commander on Mosasaur
Cthan the Ravenous, Scaly Horde Commander on Mosasaur. Set
Ancients of Atalán Starter Pack
Ancients of Atalán Starter Pack. Set
Acolyte of the Ethers
Acolyte of the Ethers. Set
Dark Mariners Starter Pack
Dark Mariners Starter Pack. Set
Vanguard Captain
Vanguard Captain. Set
Big Game Hunter
Big Game Hunter. Set
Exoform Salvage Mech Construct
Exoform Salvage Mech Construct. Set
Matlal the Elder – Technologist of Atalán
Matlal the Elder – Technologist of Atalán. Set
Octopod Stealth Biomech
Octopod Stealth Biomech. Set
Ancient Death Ray Device
Ancient Death Ray Device. Set
Clal-Chk Warrior
Clal-Chk Warrior. Set
At-Atck, Clal-Chk Scientist
At-Atck, Clal-Chk Scientist. Set
Alahal the Immortal – Commander of Atalán
Alahal the Immortal – Commander of Atalán. Set
Mantaform Hunter-Killer Mech Construct
Mantaform Hunter-Killer Mech Construct. Set
Fortune Hunter Starter Pack
Fortune Hunter Starter Pack. Set

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