HORDES players take on the role of warlocks as they lead their wild forces into battle. Warlocks are formidable combatants in their own right, and their armies make use of both hardened and brutal warriors and packs of savage warbeasts, allowing them to contend on equal footing with the greatest armies of the Iron Kingdoms. Players collect, assemble, and paint fantastically detailed models representing the varied warriors, minions, and beasts in their hordes. HORDES is the feral twin of the steam-powered combat game of WARMACHINE, and the two are fully compatible.

A HORDES warlock's greatest strength is not his considerable combat abilities or even his daunting magical knowledge, but his synergy with the warbeasts in his horde. From the unflinching and ferocious trolls to the nightmarish and unnatural dragonspawn, warbeasts are dangerous creatures in any circumstance. Under the control of their warlock masters, they become nigh unstoppable.

A crucial component to a player's strategy in HORDES is how he uses his available fury points to boost his army's abilities. Fury points can be used to enhance a warbeast's already impressive combat power or spent on powerful spells to decimate opposing units or provide powerful benefits to a warlock's own troops. Properly managed, fury points can turn a warlock's army into a terrifying engine of destruction. Generating too much fury can backfire, though, causing warbeasts to frenzy and attack whatever is nearest—be it friend or foe!

Full Rules

These are the full rules for HORDES. They are provided in pdf format, and are everything you need to learn how to play HORDES.

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New Miniatures from Hordes

Factions of Hordes


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Circle Orboros

The Circle Orboros is arguably humanity’s most ancient organization. This cabal of powerful mystics who call themselves druids predates all the civilizations presently dominating western Immoren. For thousands of years druids have gathered in secret to master control over nature and to wield that power as both a formidable weapon and a versatile tool. They are a pseudo-religious organization that draws their strength from an entity they call Orboros, a philosophical idea inextricably connected to the Devourer Wurm.
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The story of the Defiers is one of those five persons who defied the word of Menoth as he returned to humanity, and were gravely punished for it. So they were thrown out of this world and fled into legend. Now they are summoned again by the Old Witch of Khador, and their minions are drawn from Iron Kingdom folklore. Stories that chill the bones and scare children. Glimmer Imps who want your eyes scooped with a spoon. People who were cowards or gluttonous or greedy, folk who are punished by malignant spirits.
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Legion of Everblight

While the Legion as a whole is only a few years old, the core of this tremendously dangerous organization is the dragon Everblight, an ancient creature born from the lifestone of Lord Toruk, the Dragonfather. Everblight has long considered himself the cleverest and most inventive of the dragons spawned by Toruk thousands of years ago. He has existed aloof from his peers, hatching plans in secret and demonstrating a unique control over his own blight.
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It's technical faction to collect all limited editions and exclusives in one place.
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Occasionally other creatures in the wilds of western Immoren are caught up in the bloody struggles of the region. Some are individuals seeking to profit from warfare and strife. Others are small groups of tribal creatures willing to offer their strength of arms to others, whether in return for protection or supplies or simply to preserve their home territories from enemies. Events can sweep up these minor players against their will as they are captured, enslaved, or coerced into doing the bidding of those who are more numerous or powerful.
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For much of Immoren’s history a trackless expanse of sand and wind and a terrifying deep chasm has divided west from east. Recently forces from either side of the divided continent have clashed with bloody consequence as a result of the Skorne Empire’s dreams of conquest. Skorne are both a nation and a people, arisen from a variety of feuding tribes that dominated the harsh and unforgiving environment of eastern Immoren.
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The Trollbloods represent a loose alliance between a variety of formerly scattered and disparate tribal communities. They were forced to band together to survive in the face of humanity’s quickly escalating wars. Trollkin tribes, called kriels, have deep roots in western Immoren, where they have built homes in several wilderness regions the human nations had deemed of little interest.
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Night Troll. Set
HORDES: All-in-One Army Box—Legion of Everblight
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Mountain King
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Saeryn & Rhyas, Talons of Everblight
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Kromac, Champion of the Wurm
Kromac, Champion of the Wurm. Set
Blindwater Brew Witch Doctor
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HORDES: All-in-One Army Box—Trollbloods
HORDES: All-in-One Army Box—Trollbloods. Set
Extreme Titan Gladiator
Extreme Titan Gladiator. Set
The Pyg Barrel Rider
The Pyg Barrel Rider. Set
Trollbloods Kilt Lifter Trollkin CON Exclusive
Trollbloods Kilt Lifter Trollkin CON Exclusive. Set
Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver
Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver. Set
Blighted Bather
Blighted Bather. Set
Warpwolf Stalker
Warpwolf Stalker. Set
Tharn Wolf Riders
Tharn Wolf Riders. Set
Una the Falconer
Una the Falconer. Set
Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight
Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight. Set
Dire Troll Blitzer
Dire Troll Blitzer. Set
Northkin Fire Eaters
Northkin Fire Eaters. Set
Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer
Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer. Set

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