Infinity is a tabletop wargame in which sci-fi themed miniatures are used to simulate futuristic skirmishes.

Infinity recreates Direct Action operations, high-stakes missions in the battlefront or behind enemy lines, where victory or death are a trigger pull away. Players command a small group of elite soldiers, chosen for their adequacy to the mission parameters at hand. Each battle calls for a different composition, and building an effective team from hand-picked members of different regiments is key to a successful operation.

Infinity is a groundbreaking, dynamic system that allows you to make meaningful, fun choices throughout the entire game sequence, and gives you the tools to implement any number of strategies with realism and flexibility.

Each miniature represents a soldier, a robot or a creature of some kind, capable of independend movement and action. As a game element, miniatures include the circular base they are affixed to. Miniatures have different in-game point Costs depending on their combat prowess, their armament and their gear.

[Check out the Rulebook for more on how to build your own army lists].

Infinity miniatures have a scale in millimeters. The standard scale, 28 mm, represents the height of an average man. All other miniatures are scaled up or down around that average figure.

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Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

New Miniatures from Infinity

Factions of Infinity


ALEPH is the name of the single Artificial Intelligence that oversees the data network of the Human Sphere and most major international technological systems. The scope of its responsibilities is so broad that, in service of Humanity and under O-12 supervision, a whole organizational structure has been created around it to assist in its functions. To fulfill its mission, ALEPH oversees a sizable fraction of all human activity as a sort of friendly, inconspicuous Big Brother whose only goal seems to be aiding us. And yet ALEPH does have enemies.
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Ariadna was founded by the descendants of the first human colony ship, thought lost when it disappeared into a wormhole. Left to their own devices on a hostile, resource-poor planet, endurance and mettle had to make up for the lack of state-of-the-art technology. Cossack, American, French and Scottish fought each other and they all fought the planet, and from all the fighting emerged Ariadna, where only the toughest survive. Welcome to Ariadna. Welcome to the army.
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Combined Army

The Evolved Intelligence, an alien AI with a vast wealth of knowledge and a cold, relentless will, has conquered, subjugated and annihilated entire civilizations to fulfill its ultimate ambition: Transcendence unto a higher evolutionary plane. To that end, the EI has created a well-honed instrument of conquest: the Combined Army.
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HAQQISLAM: (from the Arabic Haqq Islam, New or True Islam) Religious doctrine derived from Islamism, and its associated Neomuslim culture. A modern interpretation of the set of dogmas and precepts of the Quran that permeates the everyday lives of its followers. Founded by Farhad Khadivar in the late 21st century, the Haqqislamic movement proposed a philosophical and theological revisionism of the classical Islam, in order to adapt it to the society of its time.
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Infinity Mercenaries

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Three gargantuan spaceships endlessly traverse the Sphere, doing what others cannot or will not do, sticking it to ‘the Man’ and contesting ordinary definitions of normalcy and acceptability. Do you prefer to think for yourself? Do you want to travel? Then you might have a Nomad spirit.
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PanOceania is the leading nation in terms of influence, the Number One, the top of the pyramid of power. Thanks to its strong, healthy economy it can boast the best example of a welfare society, and even a leisure society, in the Sphere. Pioneering space exploration and the development of the ALEPH AI, PanOceania was able to harness its technology to gain an edge over other powers. It sees itself as a model for others to follow, and is willing to fight anyone who would threaten its station.
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The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, capable of building terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also of altering other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of the fight against the Combined Army.
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Yu Jing

Its challenger, its perpetual opponent, the other great power, is Yu Jing (pronounced you cheeng), the Asian giant. The whole of the Far East, united under the banner of what once was China, has produced an integrated, but heterogeneous, oriental culture. Equipped with a blooming industrial sector, state-of-the-art technology and astounding economic growth, Yu Jing is ready and willing to demand the dominant position to which it feels entitled.
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Crowd Funding Projects

Corvus Belli's INFINITY Roleplaying Game
The official roleplaying game based on Corvus Belli's sci-fi skirmish game INFINITY
Setting: Sci-fi
September 2015, London, UK, GB

Миниатюры Infinity в покраске от разных студий

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Эти работы показываются здесь благодаря тому, что эти студии ставят у себя в постах в социальных сетях подходящие хеш-теги. Это элементарно!

Most Viewed Miniatures of Infinity

Haqqislam: Starter Pack
Haqqislam: Starter Pack. Set
Combined Army:  Caskuda (TAG)
Combined Army: Caskuda (TAG). Set
Yu Jing: Hac Tao Special Unit (HMG)
Yu Jing: Hac Tao Special Unit (HMG). Set
Yu Jing: Invencibles Yan Huo (ML)
Yu Jing: Invencibles Yan Huo (ML). Set
Combined Army:  Drone Remotes
Combined Army: Drone Remotes. Set
PanOceania: Starter Pack
PanOceania: Starter Pack. Set
Operation: Icestorm
Operation: Icestorm. Set
ALEPH: Drakios & Scylla, Steel Phalanx NCOs
ALEPH: Drakios & Scylla, Steel Phalanx NCOs. Set
Yu Jing: Invencibles Yan Huo (HMC)
Yu Jing: Invencibles Yan Huo (HMC). Set
ALEPH: Penthesilea, Amazon Warrior
ALEPH: Penthesilea, Amazon Warrior. Set
Mercenaries: Avicenna (Doctor)
Mercenaries: Avicenna (Doctor). Set
Yu Jing: Hac Tao (Hacker, Multi Rifle)
Yu Jing: Hac Tao (Hacker, Multi Rifle). Set
Nomads: Alguaciles (Sniper)
Nomads: Alguaciles (Sniper). Set
Haqqislam: The Nazarova Twins, Kum Enforcers
Haqqislam: The Nazarova Twins, Kum Enforcers. Set
Tohaa: Tohaa Starter Pack
Tohaa: Tohaa Starter Pack. Set
Nomads: Mobile Brigada
Nomads: Mobile Brigada. Set
Tohaa:Gorgos Squad
Tohaa:Gorgos Squad. Set
Nomads: Intruder, Corregidor Assault Commandos (HMG)
Nomads: Intruder, Corregidor Assault Commandos (HMG). Set
Nomads: Zondbots
Nomads: Zondbots. Set
Yu Jing: Guijia Squadrons
Yu Jing: Guijia Squadrons. Set

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