Powerful leaders of each clan are gathering their best warriors to lead their armies appealing even to magic, to dominate legendary creatures. Pick a side and lead your troops to determine who will be the new emperor, in battles where the best warriors fight alongside mythology’s born creatures.

Kensei, a dynamic and agile game where troop maneuvering and selecting battles are your army’s keys to success on the battlefield.

Kensei is a battle game with miniatures units, to be played by two or more players.

When choosing a clan, you’ll have at your disposal different types of units to deal with your enemies, providing each faction a very strong personality which differentiate an army of other clans.

Kensei, a dynamic and agile game where troop maneuvering and selecting battles are your army’s keys to success on the battlefield

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New Miniatures from Kensei

Factions of Kensei

Basic Heroes

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Basic Unit

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The Buke have protected and farmed the land of the islands for centuries, paying vassalage to the Emperor. They were considered the arms of the Empire, the strength and the sword. Since most of them were rural samurai, a class lower than the Kuge, they were despised. While the Emperor was alive, they were honored simply because they could serve him, bound by their strict code of honor. But after his death they were taken aback.
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The Kuge consider themselves the head of government. Together with the emperor, whom they were related to, they made the great decisions on the fate of the Empire. They have dominated the trade routes and the diplomatic relations with distant places for years. Most of the larger cities were under the Kuge families rule also.
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The Sohei consider themselves the heart of the Empire. In the Dragon's Islands, the Sohei have always been a separate power, keeping their privileges in front of the Kuge and the Buke. For several centuries, they have trained warrior monks to protect them from any interference they consider as opposed to their way of life or their morality.
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