Kingdom Death

Kingdom Death is a beautiful, original board game set in a nightmarish, richly imagined world, supported by some the most superbly sculpted miniatures on the planet. Spine-chilling storytelling, impossible battles, legendary adventures, horrifying monsters.

We want to create a board game experience that underscores the brutal physical and mental torment of surviving in a world where people are the struggling bottom of a monstrous ecology.

Kingdom Death is a cooperative hybrid RPG / board game system, providing friends with countless adventures in dim, lantern-lit chaos and nightmares. Expect hordes of monsters and absurd boss battles to stand in the way of leveling and tricking out a perfect death machine build for your selected character.

While the game is under development we are releasing individual, collectible versions of Kingdom Death figures as well as unique variants to help financially support the project.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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Most Viewed Miniatures of Kingdom Death

Wet Nurse
Wet Nurse. Set
Sunstalker Infant
Sunstalker Infant. Set
Pinups of Death - Hard Plastic Collection
Pinups of Death - Hard Plastic Collection. Set
Illuminated Lady
Illuminated Lady. Set
King's Hand
King's Hand. Set
54mm Twilight Knight Pinup
54mm Twilight Knight Pinup. Set
Savior - 20 Years
Savior - 20 Years. Set
Pinup Architect
Pinup Architect. Set
Storm Knight
Storm Knight. Set
Savior - 40 Years
Savior - 40 Years. Set
The King - Collector's Edition
The King - Collector's Edition. Set
Pinup Sci-Fi Twilight Night
Pinup Sci-Fi Twilight Night. Set
Adult Sunstalker - Collector's Edition
Adult Sunstalker - Collector's Edition. Set
Forge God
Forge God. Set
White Speaker, Nico
White Speaker, Nico. Set
Dung Beetle Knight
Dung Beetle Knight. Set
Grand Mother
Grand Mother. Set
Nightmare Ram - Collector's Edition
Nightmare Ram - Collector's Edition. Set
Pinup Savior
Pinup Savior. Set
54mm Preacher Pinup
54mm Preacher Pinup. Set

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