Legends of Signum

Legends of Signum is a new tabletop wargame, set in the lands of Signum itself - an expansive continent filled with the tension of conflict, their Heroes preparing for the deciding war of a new generation. The game itself is a unique combination of miniatures and cards. Players control units of creatures led by their chosen Hero, and build structures that can allow more characters, relics, and spells to be used on the battlefield. You choose your own winning strategy by creating an exclusive deck of cards, and your own personal collection of miniatures!

Inspired by the fantasy-medieval stories of old, Legends of Signum is a game for two players, where each controls their Hero and units while also building up their capital city. Initially, only the Heroes are present on the battlefield, but the art of war is always changing - each player will need to choose what units to bring to the fore carefully as the turns pass by!

Victory is achieved by either cornering and taking down your opponent’s chosen Hero or by bringing your capital city to prosperous completion.

The average duration of a game is about 30 to 90 minutes. A beginner's guide to the rules of Legends of Signum can be downloaded here!

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

New Miniatures from Legends of Signum

Factions of Legends of Signum


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Free City of Vallor

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Griffin Empire

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The term “mercenary” was once used as a slur among fighting men. In certain kingdoms, notably Khador, the term is still used as a disdainful appellation for those who have no attachment to their homeland. Nevertheless, where war and wages thrive mercenaries inevitably follow; with the occupation of Llael, mercenary bands have cropped up all over the kingdoms.
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Most Viewed Miniatures of Legends of Signum

Brissa De Molforn, Beast Mistress
Brissa De Molforn, Beast Mistress. Set
Arcadia, Sunrise Knight
Arcadia, Sunrise Knight. Set
Alluna, Illuminati Assassin
Alluna, Illuminati Assassin. Set
Vincent, Vanguard Rider
Vincent, Vanguard Rider. Set
Cassandra, Celestial Healing
Cassandra, Celestial Healing. Set
Magnus, The Red Inquisitor
Magnus, The Red Inquisitor. Set
Flaming Spear
Flaming Spear. Set
Willforts Todd Pumpkinhead, Signor Condottiere
Willforts Todd Pumpkinhead, Signor Condottiere. Set
Kishdan, Sylph Champion
Kishdan, Sylph Champion. Set
Isamu, Samura-Orc On Bronotop
Isamu, Samura-Orc On Bronotop. Set
Rufus, The Young Squire
Rufus, The Young Squire. Set
Milady Rosalind, The Captain's Daughter
Milady Rosalind, The Captain's Daughter. Set
Ricin, The Voll Sack
Ricin, The Voll Sack. Set
Amber, The Elder Of Wolfen Pack
Amber, The Elder Of Wolfen Pack. Set
Lady Alba, Leader Of Drakaer
Lady Alba, Leader Of Drakaer. Set
Silver Guard Of The Eternal Forest
Silver Guard Of The Eternal Forest. Set
Alrik, Bringer Of Justice
Alrik, Bringer Of Justice. Set
Adberd, Guardian Of Temple
Adberd, Guardian Of Temple. Set
Brother Tiven, Battle Monk
Brother Tiven, Battle Monk. Set
Bazuka, Tea Ceremony
Bazuka, Tea Ceremony. Set

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