Lord of the Rings

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New Miniatures from Lord of the Rings

Factions of Lord of the Rings


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Free Peoples

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Kingdoms of Men

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Moria and Angmar

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The Fallen Realms

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Most Viewed Miniatures of Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings Casualties
The Lord of the Rings Casualties. Set
Knights of Dol Amroth on Foot
Knights of Dol Amroth on Foot. Set
Warg Marauder
Warg Marauder. Set
Warriors of Minas Tirith
Warriors of Minas Tirith. Set
Forlong and Angbor
Forlong and Angbor. Set
Mounted Ringwraiths
Mounted Ringwraiths. Set
Attack At Weathertop
Attack At Weathertop. Set
Beregond. Set
Warg Attack (5 figures)
Warg Attack (5 figures). Set
Mordor / Isengard Troll
Mordor / Isengard Troll. Set
Uruk-hai Scouts
Uruk-hai Scouts. Set
Cave Troll
Cave Troll. Set
Escape from Orthanc
Escape from Orthanc. Set
Ambush at Amon Hen (10 figures)
Ambush at Amon Hen (10 figures). Set
Gandalf the White Foot and Mounted
Gandalf the White Foot and Mounted. Set
War Mumak of Harad
War Mumak of Harad. Set
The Fellowship Of The Ring
The Fellowship Of The Ring. Set
Knights of Dol Amroth
Knights of Dol Amroth. Set
Moria Goblin Warriors
Moria Goblin Warriors. Set
Gimli on Dead Uruk Hai
Gimli on Dead Uruk Hai. Set

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