Massive Darkness

This is the figure's series in 30mm that we started in march 2007. They are not too much (by now), but we hope their quality take sthe place of the quantity. We want to improve the rate and quality of new releases, because they are not so complicated to design and sculpt than 54mm. We also have thought in this scale to be part of a future game. In this series will take part some of the best sculptors actually. We wish you like the Massive Darkness figures. We want to keep improveing figure after figure. We think that is part of a needed evolution to really create something new or a new style, so this setion can be a eyewitness of that evolution., only the time tell.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

New Miniatures from Massive Darkness

Factions of Massive Darkness

Most Viewed Miniatures of Massive Darkness

Dark Vlad, Human Hunter
Dark Vlad, Human Hunter. Set
Vardiyin, vampire
Vardiyin, vampire. Set
Astharon, Minotaur Lord
Astharon, Minotaur Lord. Set
Lathiem, oak leaf
Lathiem, oak leaf. Set
Gavin, Biting Hornet
Gavin, Biting Hornet. Set
Zombie Horde
Zombie Horde. Set
Ulgren. Set
Tharttus, Halfling Thief
Tharttus, Halfling Thief. Set
Severus, Battle Wizard
Severus, Battle Wizard. Set
Xargax, Before Loratham
Xargax, Before Loratham. Set
Toktien, spiny chaotic dwarf
Toktien, spiny chaotic dwarf. Set
The Old Death
The Old Death. Set
Roggus, the Fake King
Roggus, the Fake King. Set
Forgotten Warrior
Forgotten Warrior. Set
Thorvin, The Great
Thorvin, The Great. Set
Edühin, Morning star
Edühin, Morning star. Set
Yhedra, Elderly Witch
Yhedra, Elderly Witch. Set
Warmo. Set
Trictalion, Beast of Olath
Trictalion, Beast of Olath. Set
Special Edition Yah-Gh
Special Edition Yah-Gh. Set

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