Cult of the Thousand Faces, descendants of those who were exiled by Janos. They are huge and bloodthirsty beings that implant into themselves and pray to small stone faces… ~ the girl swallows hard, tired of the History lesson she is imparting to herself.

Nemesis is a combat game with miniatures set in the magical world of Miter, a place where ancient races clash in an acient war.

The other side there are the Notalive, imperfect and sinful creations of the ancient Serifans, those beings from other world that wanted to steal from God his power to infuse life, and that is why they were damned…

The Notalive try to imitate us and hat is why they dress up like us and try to establish a parody of our noble society in the ruins of what once was the dwelling of the Serifan, the remains of the Sajarmoe tower… And the Orphans and their home, Arbonte, the Living Forest, infant spirits of wars passed that…

Nemesis is a combat game with miniatures set in the magical world of Miter, a place where ancient races clash in an acient war. In it, you take control of a force composed of small specilist warriors units and their heroic leaders in an agile, dynamic and high content tactical fighting.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

New Miniatures from Nemesis

Factions of Nemesis

Kingdom of God

Men... it doesn´t matter how many planets, how many worlds, how many universes I know... men can be found in all of them, numerous, small, vane, appararently insignificant, but everlasting, strong and tough as cockroaches...
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Not Alive

How far can the Gods sense of humor reach, how far their cruelty? Sad macabre jokes, the Not-alive hide in another existence, parallel to that of who supposedly were their models, men. They hide and lie in wait for them, they hate them, they want to be like them, but their bodies made of shreds, cloth, wood and dead flesh will never reach fullness, they will never grow, they will never evolve, doomed to a perennial putrefaction that, oh sinister joke, is the fountain of their power.
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What dark, what terrible abomination... lie in wait for, harass, destroys... hundreds of children, all of them lost their families during the first Zenit wars. I found them hidden in the amazing Traveling Forest of the Glauks, crouched and lying in wait for, like the beast that turned them into what they are.
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I have never thought that I was going to fight such a strange and wild beauty in the inhospitable jungles of Miter; I have never thought that such beings so adapted to the suffocating monsoons, to the dark caves, to the merciless beasts threatening behind each trunk, each root, within the sharp leaves.
Progress: 0%


Progress: 0%

The Thousands Faces Cult

Again the stupidity of the Gods, again their uncontained greed for power and knowledge.
The failure that gave origin to the Not-Alive, gave also new forms of live, but this time mutated and twisted variations of those men that dwelled in the region where all went wrong.
Thousands of islands, all of them mutilated leftovers of a continent, inhabited by undefined beings, full of power, over flown, drunk, rejected at the very end... And all united by the same... God? Gods?
Progress: 0%

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Calo sorcerer of the Tribe Kerrang. Set
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Battle hyena. Set
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Royal guard. Set

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