Tooth and Sword

Hey! Let's collect The Chibi Animal Adventurer Figures! The Wild Wood is Adventure. Good Guys fight the Monsters. Wicked Ones fight for the Power. Who will win?

The game is YOU! Many kinds of small Animal Adventure People are here. Cat, Dog, Mouse even Wolf. Make Magic with their spells, vanquish with swords in Wilderness, Dungeons and caves!

Together let's enter the exciting and cute world of Animal Adventures, stop the danger and make treasure, Now!

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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It's technical faction to collect all limited editions and exclusives in one place.
Reviews: 299
Progress: 91%

Most Viewed Miniatures of Tooth and Sword

Goat Monk
Goat Monk. Set
Platypus Mage
Platypus Mage. Set
Rat Warlock
Rat Warlock. Set
Rabbit Illusionist
Rabbit Illusionist. Set
Owl Druid
Owl Druid. Set
Microshoggth Adventurer
Microshoggth Adventurer. Set
Hippogryph. Set
Cat Assassin
Cat Assassin. Set
Penguin Templar
Penguin Templar. Set
Raven Cleric
Raven Cleric. Set
Wolf Anti-Paladin
Wolf Anti-Paladin. Set
Songbird Bard
Songbird Bard. Set
Gerbil Fighter
Gerbil Fighter. Set
Bat Spell Caster
Bat Spell Caster. Set
The Wicked Ones  - The Metal Collection
The Wicked Ones - The Metal Collection. Set
Squirrel Magic User
Squirrel Magic User. Set
Shambling Zombies
Shambling Zombies. Set
Pug Fighter
Pug Fighter. Set
Mouse Mercenary
Mouse Mercenary. Set
Lion Paladin
Lion Paladin. Set

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