WARMACHINE players take on the role of warcasters as they lead their titanic forces into battle. Warcasters possess significant martial prowess of their own as well as having hardened warriors and magical spells to bring to bear. Players collect, assemble, and paint fantastically detailed models representing the varied warriors, machines, and creatures in their armies. WARMACHINE is fully compatible with its feral twin, the monstrous miniatures combat game of HORDES.

A WARMACHINE warcaster's true strength lies in his ability to control and coordinate the mighty combat automatons at the heart of his forces—his warjacks. Each and every warjack is a looming ironclad behemoth, a coal-fired engine of destruction with a primitive magical brain in addition to its unique weapons and capabilities. On its own a warjack is capable of only the most rudimentary actions, but when controlled by a warcaster its efficiency and deadliness increase dramatically. Using his warjacks wisely can decide a battle for a seasoned warcaster.

A crucial component to a player's strategy in WARMACHINE is how he uses his warcaster's focus points to boost his army's abilities. Focus points can be used to enhance a 'jack's already impressive combat power or spent on powerful spells to decimate opposing units or provide powerful benefits to a warcaster's own troops. Properly allocated, a warcaster's focus points can turn his army into a momentous engine of destruction.
Full Rules

These are the full rules for WARMACHINE. They are provided in pdf format, and are everything you need to learn how to play WARMACHINE.

Quickstart Rules

The Quick Start rules have been provided in low-res PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat 6.0. Also provided are low-resolution replicas of the model stat cards that you will find in the box sets and certain blisters. Advice for using the cards is contained in the Quick Start rules document. Download the cards, cut them out, and you'll be ready to play.

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New Miniatures from Warmachine

Factions of Warmachine


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Convergence of Cyriss

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The forces of Cryx exist solely to devour any and all things at the behest of the Dragonfather. Their martial strengths are speed, surprise, and force in numbers. Enemies of the undying know they must never be lax in their vigilance, for seemingly out of nowhere raiders can arrive without warning, carried across the sea aboard their infamous blackships.
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Strife and turmoil, blood and sweat, gun smoke and blazing arcane fire: all of these accompany the blue and gold banner of the Cygnus into battle. Cygnar is a protector of its people at odds with many forces that seek its strength and prosperity for their own. Now Cygnar’s proud military, seasoned by bloody warfare, protects the nation from the wolves of Khador, the pious fires of the Protectorate of Menoth, and the undying legions of Cryx. Forged on the anvil of war, Cygnar’s military forces grow more experienced with each passing day.
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High Elves

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Like the stones holding up the fortress, Khador’s massive military is built from its citizens. Every capable Khadoran is added to the list of possible conscripts—if he does not enlist on his own, of course—sometime during the month after his 17th birthday. Most young men enlist as a matter of pride, and a good number of women follow suit as well. The enlisted majority become Winter Guard, the backbone of the Khadoran military.
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It's technical faction to collect all limited editions and exclusives in one place.
Progress: 91%


The term “mercenary” was once used as a slur among fighting men. In certain kingdoms, notably Khador, the term is still used as a disdainful appellation for those who have no attachment to their homeland. Nevertheless, where war and wages thrive mercenaries inevitably follow; with the occupation of Llael, mercenary bands have cropped up all over the kingdoms.
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Retribution of Scyrah

Not long ago the Retribution of Scyrah was an outlawed fringe organization of zealous and violent elven fanatics. Their goal has been the eradication of human wizards and sorcerers, whom they hold responsible for the ills of their species. Until recently they have had to work in secrecy from numerous cells within Ios’ neighboring human kingdoms. Now things have changed. Their message has found a voice inside Ios and they have won new allies to their cause. They are no longer forced to hide their affiliations and have begun to organize into an army capable of waging open warfare.
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For much of Immoren’s history a trackless expanse of sand and wind and a terrifying deep chasm has divided west from east. Recently forces from either side of the divided continent have clashed with bloody consequence as a result of the Skorne Empire’s dreams of conquest. Skorne are both a nation and a people, arisen from a variety of feuding tribes that dominated the harsh and unforgiving environment of eastern Immoren.
Progress: 0%

The Protectorate of Menoth

Even though Cygnaran law governing the Protectorate forbids the assembly of a standing army, the treaty contains a clause allowing a capable defense force—the Menites have done so a hundredfold. In the decades following its inception, various leaders have slowly amassed a secret army under the guise of this defense force more or less under the watchful eye of their neighbors. Every Sul-Menite is expected to be ready for the call to arms, and it is their holy duty to prepare. The laws of Menoth far outweigh those of any mortal king.
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Миниатюры Warmachine в покраске от разных студий

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Чтобы посмотреть другие работы студии или подробно прочесть про конкретную - кликните по названию студии.
Эти работы показываются здесь благодаря тому, что эти студии ставят у себя в постах в социальных сетях подходящие хеш-теги. Это элементарно!

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WARMACHINE All-in-One Army Box—Cephalyx. Set
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Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius. Set
WARMACHINE: All-in-One Army Box—Khador
WARMACHINE: All-in-One Army Box—Khador. Set
WARMACHINE: All-in-One Army Box—Protectorate of Menoth
WARMACHINE: All-in-One Army Box—Protectorate of Menoth. Set
WARMACHINE: All-in-One Army Box—Cygnar
WARMACHINE: All-in-One Army Box—Cygnar. Set
Bombardier Bombshell
Bombardier Bombshell. Set
Brute Thrall Femme Fatale
Brute Thrall Femme Fatale. Set
Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich
Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich. Set
Hordes: All-in-One Army Box - Skorne
Hordes: All-in-One Army Box - Skorne. Set
Major Prime Victoria Haley
Major Prime Victoria Haley. Set
Exemplar Errants
Exemplar Errants. Set
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios No Quarter limited
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios No Quarter limited. Set
WARMACHINE: All-in-One Army Box—Cryx
WARMACHINE: All-in-One Army Box—Cryx. Set
Lieutenant Allison Jakes
Lieutenant Allison Jakes. Set
Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith
Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith. Set
Centurion. Set
Castigator. Set
Thyron, Sword of Truth
Thyron, Sword of Truth. Set
Goreshade, Lord of Ruin
Goreshade, Lord of Ruin. Set
Goreshade the Bastard & Deathwalker
Goreshade the Bastard & Deathwalker. Set

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