Wild West Exodus

Wild West Exodus is a miniatures game played by 2 to 4 players in control of the faction of their choice. In the world of WWX, every model has the potential to be a hero or a villain. The game mechanics and rule set feature exciting game play from the first dice roll. Each player will be allowed to field a posse of 3 to 40 models. The WWX rules have been designed to allow for scaling of the game to high or low model counts while maintaining a dynamic and fast-paced game tempo.

One of the most exciting parts of the Wild West Exodus game mechanic is the reusable influence pool. The influence pool will give players the option to gamble away a set amount of tokens in return for a reroll of the dice. Be careful what you gamble on because once the tokens are committed they are lost for that turn. The D10 system gives the game life and options that round out easily and allow for quick decision making.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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Most Viewed Miniatures of Wild West Exodus

Warrior Nation - The Great Elk (Heavy Support)
Warrior Nation - The Great Elk (Heavy Support). Set
The Wayward 8 Mercenary Box
The Wayward 8 Mercenary Box. Set
Warrior Nation - Scalpers Box (Hired Hands)
Warrior Nation - Scalpers Box (Hired Hands). Set
Warrior Nation Starter Box
Warrior Nation Starter Box. Set
Outlaw - Bandits Box (Hired Hands)
Outlaw - Bandits Box (Hired Hands). Set
Lawmen - Judgement (Heavy Support)
Lawmen - Judgement (Heavy Support). Set
Warrior Nation - Stone Fist & Running Foot (Underboss)
Warrior Nation - Stone Fist & Running Foot (Underboss). Set
Union - Agent Henry Courtright (Sidekick)
Union - Agent Henry Courtright (Sidekick). Set
Outlaw - Raiders Box (Hired Hands)
Outlaw - Raiders Box (Hired Hands). Set
Mercenary - Sasha Tanner
Mercenary - Sasha Tanner. Set
Dark Council
Dark Council. Set
Warrior Nation - Sitting Bull (Boss)
Warrior Nation - Sitting Bull (Boss). Set
Warrior Nation - Braves Box (Hired Hands)
Warrior Nation - Braves Box (Hired Hands). Set
Outlaw - Jake Williamson (Sidekick)
Outlaw - Jake Williamson (Sidekick). Set
Mercenary - Flowing River
Mercenary - Flowing River. Set
Mercenary - Zarelda Kincade
Mercenary - Zarelda Kincade. Set
Lawmen - Deputy with Heavy Weapon Gatling Gun (Light Support)
Lawmen - Deputy with Heavy Weapon Gatling Gun (Light Support). Set
Warrior Nation - Brave with Heavy Weapon Gatling Gun (Light Support)
Warrior Nation - Brave with Heavy Weapon Gatling Gun (Light Support). Set
Warrior Nation - Walks Looking (Sidekick)
Warrior Nation - Walks Looking (Sidekick). Set
Warrior Nation - White Buffalo (Underboss)
Warrior Nation - White Buffalo (Underboss). Set

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