Court of the Sultana by Effincool Miniatures
by John Popson
A lounging 32mm Sultana with her servants, entertainers, djinn & furnishings - great for story enhancement or dioramas!

February 2017, Sandusky, OH, US
3:16 - 14 January 2018

Update #49

Happy New Year!!!

Just a quick heads up, but I am still closing in on the last few sculpts.  the holidays took waaaaaay more energry than they should have.  In the meantime, I have started the test print and test casting.   It is during this period that we determine what details are not good enough on the sculpt, and have to be "punched in" a bit more.  With that I give youthe WIP of the Fire breather, adn 5 test casts of existing pieces.  The Snake Charmer's snake needs the scale detail punched in a bit more, so if you were going to say that,  I beat you to it!   :-)   





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