Forest of Oakenspire - 3D Printable Tabletop Models
by Evan Carothers
"Forest of Oakenspire" is project with 3D printable models of airships & a huge tree tile stronghold set, battle maps, lore, & more!
Setting: Fantasy, Pirates 12mm
March 2018, St. Paul, MN, US
0:27 - 13 March 2018

Update #4

Stretch Goals #4 & #5 Unlocked!

Still making great impressive progress - appreciate the ongoing support! Some new stretch goals unlocked:

The Chain Gang

Airships are perfect tools for slavers to drop in unsuspecting on their prey. This stretch goal includes some slaver accessories for your airship (or anywhere else) to aid in the despicable goal of flesh trading. Included are a midship insert for a slave cage to turn your hold into slave quarters, a crate of manacles, a rack of ball-n-chains, and (not pictured because I haven't modeled it yet) a galley drum, to keep time on the ship (in case your slaves are working in the hold to keep the ship flying!)



Get Over Here!

Airships can't (necessarily) propel themselves sideways, so, like a regular ship, you need some way to draw yourself in for boarding. Weather you're coming in to attack castle ramparts, or another airship, we have the weaponry you need! Included in this unlock two weapons to get you there. First, is the harpoon gun - mounted via a free-standing base or clipping onto the airship rail in the midship section. Second, is the massive steam-powered grappling gun - capable or ensnaring other ships from a far distance.

(please note that these models are all split to print with no supports and assemble easily)



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