The Edge: Dawnfall
Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.
Setting: Sci-fi
October 2016, Wroclaw, Poland, GB
20:53 - 11 July 2018

Update #63

Conflict / Faction boxes + Shipping Update!

Hello Dawnfallers!  - Adrian here again :)


First reviewers are getting the game and we would like to share with you unboxing of the game / first impressions. 


Pure Warchest / Dawnfall

We have now shipping last pure Warchests/Dawnfalls and started shipping Warchests/Dawnfalls + Father Of the Sun. 

We also should start shipping Warchests/Dawnfalls + Carboard Boss/Terrain pledges tomorrow.

Check out huge box with of Warchest + Father of the sun + Carboard addons :D

Resin Addons 

All resin addon will be shipped directly from our resin casting facility. They will be delivered separately from main boxes. They are packed in bubble wrap in small cardboard boxes in styrofoam boxes in bigger cardboard box so they should be safe ;)

They will be shipped along last pledges.

Extra Prime Shadows

If you are 24h backer and you took additional Prime Shadow or took 2 or more your additional Prime Shadows will be shipped in separate boxes and there is no space for them in main package. We will of course ship them to you at our own cost.

Cardboard addons

We are now packing cardboard addons into boxes as well and you can see them below. Every box will have bubble wrap inside to keep components safe and in place. Sorry for bad pictures but we just get them from our packing facility and they are closed for tonight. 

Confection of Conflicts and Faction boxes

Our production factory has closed for 2 weeks for holidays so I was doing confection of all conflict and faction boxes at our shipping facility for a week to avoid further delays.  Otherwise we would need around 3-4 more weeks just to have them ready for packing and shipping.

All Faction Boxes and Conflict Boxes are packed and ready for shipping. Each is foiled with a little sticker indicating extra free faction.

We anticipated to finish them in 2 days but it took 6 days to finish so we are those 4 days behind on shipping main pledges. 

We had tons of problems to solve during process and worked like crazy to finish everything. We had to setup confection process for 24 types of boxes when corebox usually has just 1 type. We struggled for half a day to setup foiling machine sort out fillers for packages and faction boxes. But its all fine now :D

Conflict boxes look awesome and we hope that you will like them too :)

 Father of the Sun

As father of the Sun are arriving we want to remind that this tray is supposed to be empty, it has a slot for additional darkness tokens or whatever you need to put there :)

Shipping Deadlines 

Shipping went according to schedule but we are now few days behind because we had to use packing team to confect Conflict and Faction boxes. We now expect to ship everything by next Friday. We are sorry about those few additional days. I will be shipping packages next week with 3 additional people to speed things up! :)


Also - those of you who already got the game know, that we have added two small bonuses. One of them is SiegeStorm Styxia vs Seraphai card game. 

It is our new brand (Awaken Realms lite) for small, compact, non-miniatures games and today we have the premiere of Kickstarter for further development of that game! If you want to add extra content, you can get Core Box and it will add everything, other than what you will already have from Backing this Kickstarter!  

You can see SiegeStorm Kickstarter here! 

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.