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Funding the production of a new series of Dark Age-themed 28mm undead miniatures.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
March 2017, Chatham, UK, GB
14:38 - 12 July 2018

Update #22

Update #22 - End in Sight.

Afternoon Backers - and apologies at outset for the ongoing delays. The suicide of my work partner a few weeks back (as detailed in the last Update) has had numerous knock-on effects on life and business, not least on increased general workload but on mental and physical health too. My general condition deteriorated over the past month and I've been away from the workshop unable to do prolonged working hours, awaiting doctor's test results.

Thankfully, my health now seems to be improving by the day and in the meantime the added cashflow of the doubled workload has meant I've been able to finally approve and pay for a whole new set of master moulds for the previously damaged metal castings, and more importantly, to outsource the moulding and resin casting of the Wyrm model. Much as it goes against the grain to pay someone else to do a job I've spent 32 years perfecting, money (pure & simple) allows me to pay someone else to do the work, sooner. I'm promised full sets of castings within a week or so of today, and will be mailing out those outstanding Pledges containing them ASAP thereafter.

From this Satuday (14th July) I am out of the UK for the first of a long series of teaching appointments (Danny's death has shifted all of his workload on to my shoulders) but will be back in the workshop on Monday 30th to begin packing and mailing out the fresh new resins & metals.

Shown below are the shiny new master castings ahead of new production moulds being cut and cast today. My new caster has a fantastic reputation and is thoroughly enjoying the challenge of casting up your rewards, so I forsee very few issues from this point onwards.

Thanks, as always, for your patience. On completion we'll be almost exactly one year late ( less so for dragon-inclusive pledges at around 8 months ) which, though unplanned, is still less tardy than many KS projects. The nature of Kickstarter as it intersects with Real Life and the one-man band is that the unexpected will almost always happen. I'm just grateful for your continued understanding and glad to finally see the end of this project in sight !

Thankyou :)

- Ian @ Fenris

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