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Bring your RPGs, dungeon crawlers and wargames to life with our range of plastic, pre-assembled 28mm fantasy scenery.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
April 2017, Halethorpe, MD, US
13:00 - 12 July 2018

Update #72

TerrainCrate has left the building! Plus tips on fixing bent items...

Hi TerrainSpotters,

You'll be pleased to hear that all TerrainCrate pledges have been shipped. We've seen plenty of comments on social media about people receiving their Crates and are delighted to even see some being used in games straight away.

If you haven't received your TerrainCrate, please wait until August 9th before contacting customer support. Occasionally it can take up to 28 days for a package to arrive. After August 9th, please contact customer support here.

If you have received your TerrainCrate and are missing items or have damaged pieces, please contact Mantic support here.


Unfortunately during transport pieces - particularly items like the candle sticks or cart wheels - can become bent. However, it's extremely easy to fix these yourself, using some hot water. Here's how...

1. Get some freshly boiled water and pop it in a container

2. Carefully place the piece in question into the water and leave there for between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Leaving the piece in hot water for too long isn't a problem as the plastic won't melt. The larger the piece, the longer you have to leave it in the water

3. Normally while the piece is in the hot water, it'll often straighten itself out. If not, carefully remove the piece from the water using tweezers or a fork (so you don't get burnt) and then reshape it

4. Once it's back into position, quickly dip it into some very cold water. This will set the piece back into the correct shape

Of course, if your piece is warped beyond what the hot water treatment can fix, then please contact customer support.

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