Complete cast miniature gaming terrain kits containing everything you need for the environment from Dungeon Tiles to Accessories.
Setting: Fantasy
September 2017, North Smithfield, RI, US
6:43 - 12 July 2018

Update #35

Painted Update!

Hi everyone,

This has been a crazy week! so we are fully swapped over to painted fulfillment now.  We have started to trickle out a few pledges that are unpainted with 1 or 2 painted pieces this week.  On Friday 7/13 I will be bringing Adam from Old Rogue a box of goodies, once Adam returns these accessories to me with his incredible paint job on them we will be able to fulfill roughly 70 of the painted pledges!  

I will get an estimate from Old Rogue on when he thinks that will be in our hands so we can start to pick and pack for those backers and will report back to everyone it should not be very long!  Those initial 70 painted pledges represent all backers who did NOT select painted docks.  By next Friday 7/20 Old Rogue will have a large supply of Dock Tiles as well so you should start to see Painted Dock pledges hitting the mail in a steady stream shortly after that

We will then continue to keep a steady stream of Dock Tiles, and any last missing pieces flowing to Old Rogue and get all outstanding painted pledges fulfilled as fast as possible.

I hope this brief update is helpful to people, we also will be announcing our new name shortly.  We have secured the url's and performed the name searches, just getting the branding in place before we start to swap everything over.  I am a bit worried that we will loose our kickstarter history(need to contact them to hopefully link the brands!) but the reveal will be soon.  We will also announce our favorite submissions for everyone  for the prize boxes we are going to send out!

Thanks again,


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