Folklore: The Affliction (2nd Printing)
A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2017, Marlborough, MA, US
0:25 - 12 July 2018

Update #29

We’re setting sail on the high seas

Pleasant tidings to ye, Folklorians!

We hope this message finds you all happy, healthy, and enjoying some summer gaming. Terribly sorry for the bit of delay since our last update - we’ve had our noses to the grindstone coordinating the final manufacturing and shipping logistics, as well as preparing for upcoming content we can’t wait to share with you all!

Let's break down our current status:

  • Manufacturing is done, and the final products are looking BEAUTIFUL. 
  • The games are officially being loaded on the boats, and are preparing to depart as we speak. 
  • Below you’ll find the sailing schedules for the primary vessels. Note that after the games make it to their designated ports, there a few more steps before they’re in the fulfillment centers’ warehouses getting packed up to be sent out to you folks.
  • This is especially true for North America, since product is being distributed from several hubs (including one in Canada).

The fleet:


  • Vessel : YM Utmost
  • Estimated Arrival: 8/15



  • Vessel: TALOS
  • Estimated Arrival: 8/20



  • Vessel: XIN QING DAO
  • Estimated Arrival: 8/7

A couple notes:

  • “World backers” will be fulfilling from the United States.
  • Canadian backers will be shortly behind the continental US. We’re estimating about a week delay before those start going out.  

What are the takeaways?

The above dates are when the boats arrive in their ports, but it’ll take about 7 business days to move the product to their respective warehouses, get processed, and start shipping. This means we’ll see most packages going out in the last week of August, and we anticipate shipping to be completely finished by the end of September.

As you can see, Australia is a bit ahead of the curve. Backers in Australia and New Zealand should expect to see there games a few weeks before everyone else. All we ask is that you mark your posts with spoiler warnings for everyone else!

Stressing out about not picking up an extra in the PM?

Don’t worry. After backer fulfilment is complete, we’ll have the extras available on our webstore. If you’re worried about not snagging one of the add-ons when you had the chance, we’ll have a limited stock of these extras once we’re sure they’re safely in the hands of everyone who pledged for them?

Will we have Folklore at GenCon?

Sadly, the 2nd edition Folklore products are not making it in time for GenCon this year, meaning there won’t be any convention pick up available. We will, however, have some stock of the 1st edition products. So if you’re looking to get your hands on something like the old “mystery boxes” (the 3d character aids) or like, be sure to stop by. There will be lots of Folklore demos at our booth (#637) and events throughout the show.

What’s next for Folklore?

We’ve got some big things in the works for the long term which we’ll be announcing later this year. In the short term, we’ll be releasing those PDF chapters this fall, and there will be some special promo cards circulating in GTM magazine this August, which you should be able to pick up at your FLGS. Additionally, if you stop by to say “hey” at GenCon, we may have a little something-something for ya :)

That’s everything for right now folks. We’ll be keeping you guys in the loop whenever we get more information regarding the shipping window. Just think: Very soon you’ll be vanquishing evil all night long.

Talk to you soon friends!



Greenbrier Games

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