Cities of the Black Scrolls - Modular Map-Tile Sets
by Black Scrolls Games
Highly detailed medieval fantasy Castle and City Map-Tiles for 28mm tabletop RPGs like D&D, Pathfinder and other miniature games.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
November 2017, Kansas City, KS, US
22:36 - 12 July 2018

Update #30

3D printable working doors

Dear Backers,  

We are sending out the 3D printable doors to download! Please check your email addresses and messages.

If you have any question about 3D printing, our maps, the sets or about anything that comes up, please join our facebook group where both other gamers and us could help you:
or write us a message here on KS.

You can mix the parts of these doors and print them without any support material.



Shipping on the physical sets: The biggest and most difficult set is still left, this will be the City Set. It seems we can finish it early August and we can start shipping the sets in the same month. It means everyone who has the three base sets and any of our previous sets added to their rewards will get them around the end of August or around the first days of September. You will have time to change your address in the pledge manager if your address has changed or will change until the middle of August. We know it will be later than promised and expected, but we would like to give you a perfect set that you'll be able to use at many gaming sessions.

Areas of the City Set:
- stable
- jail
- inn
- blacksmith
- city/guild hall (2 tiles with 2 levels + roof) it includes offices and a big room of judgment
- herbalist
- hunter's house
- bakery
- cellars
- tavern
- different shops where you can buy: clothes, armors, daily stuff, magic items, books
- fortune teller
- whores
- butcher
- different furnished and unfurnished (empty) living houses
- square areas
- building under construction
- burning buildings
- bath
- items: well, market chart and stalls, manholes, gallows, etc
- arena (9 tiles)  

Did we miss something? Write a comment if you have any other idea and perhaps we can make it!

Thank you for your support!

Antal Kéninger

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